Hello everypony!  Miipack603 here with yet another blog post.  Here, I talk about my thoughts on how certain villians from the series became the ponies they are today.  I would also like to hear your thoughts on some villians that I may have forgotten about in this post.  Here are my thoughts on the backstories of some of the villians from My Little Pony:

  1. Discord:  as a young draconequus, he tried to use his magic to do tricks to win the approval of others, but he was always bullied and teased for his strange appearance.  Infuriated by the amount of bullying, Discord finally snapped and used his magic to defeat his enemies for the first time.  It was at this point that he discovered he could use his powers for more than magic tricks, and spent the rest of his life tormenting the citizens of Equestria - that is, until Fluttershy reformed him in Season 3.
  2. Starlight Glimmer:  during a particularly hard time in Equestria's history, ponies would compete with one another to prove their worth over others, and Starlight Glimmer always wound up at the bottom of the pile.  As she learned magic on her own, she eventually found herself on top of all others, and ran away from home to realize her full potential.  As she grew up, Starlight founded her own community where she would lure passer-bys by the prospect of experienceing "true friendship" under her self-proclaimed idea that equality among ponies brings happiness and prevents competition.
  3. Lord Tirek:  when he was a young centaur, Tirek had potential to become a great aid to society as his magical powers far surpassed everyone else's.  However, he often used his magic for bullying purposes, and for this he was always overlooked in favor of his more kind-hearted, generous brother, Scorpan.  Due to this neglect, Tirek began using his powers for more heinous crimes, such as stealing and torturing others, until his reckless behavoir got him banished to the Outlands of Equestria;  His brother Scorpan followed him to try to reform Tirek, but he would only spend his days plotting his revenge against Equestria.
  4. Queen Chrysallis:  a long time ago, there was a royal family of the Changlings who were the only ones in all of Equestria who could control and watch over the masses.  It was a particularly large family of brothers and sisters who would often torment each other, but the most frequent victim of their torment was the youngest of the family, Chrysallis.  She hated the teasing, and eventually this anger became too much for her; she used her magical powers to kill all of her brothers and sisters - even her mother and father.  Wth no one to control the Changlings, Chrysallis became Queen Chrysallis and travelled all over Equestria, searching for food for her subjects while secretly yearning for the love she never got from her family.

Note:  I will probably be adding more to this post.