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    Granny Apple risks her life in the Everfree Forest to feed her family.

    Apple Bloom risks her life in the Everfree Forest to prove Zecora's trustworthiness.

    Applejack risks her life in the Everfree Forest to investigate a hot air balloon.

    Now I understand why AJ is an Element and not any of the rest of her family.  She's the ballsiest of the bunch!

    Runs in the family!

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    Discord's Punishment

    December 28, 2012 by Mindlessthinker

    Question: Did Discord deserve to be turned to stone?

    My response:

    I've wondered this since Season 2 premiered.  Sure, there was a lot of buildup from Celestia about how much of a threat he was.  He made a few remarks to Celestia that hinted at some previous bad times between them when he was free.  But what, really, did he do?

    He took away the horns of Twilight and Rarity and the wings of Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash, but it was only temporary, and he wouldn't have taken their horns and wings away if they weren't trying to stop him in the first place.  He turned off the gravity, but we never see that the shops or houses were destroyed (if the gravity is off, then that means EVERYTHING is floating, and most likely floating in the same place the…

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    MLP Zodiac

    December 22, 2012 by Mindlessthinker

    Note 1: I originally posted this as a comment on, but for some reason I wasn't listed as the author of the comments and I decided it was too long to be a comment anyway, so I decided to give it its own page.

    Note 2: Lalithaa requested that I assign signs to the CMC, too, so I have done my best to construct those as well.

    Question: Which Sun sign do you think the Mane Six or other MLP characters are?

    My Answer:

    I see a lot of zodiacs based on MLP characters, and I have to say pretty much every single one looks, for the most part, completely inaccurate.  Even more annoying, no one gives reasons for assigning that pony a sign, and instead just list qualities that seem very much arbit…

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