Question: Did Discord deserve to be turned to stone?

My response:

I've wondered this since Season 2 premiered.  Sure, there was a lot of buildup from Celestia about how much of a threat he was.  He made a few remarks to Celestia that hinted at some previous bad times between them when he was free.  But what, really, did he do?

He took away the horns of Twilight and Rarity and the wings of Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash, but it was only temporary, and he wouldn't have taken their horns and wings away if they weren't trying to stop him in the first place.  He turned off the gravity, but we never see that the shops or houses were destroyed (if the gravity is off, then that means EVERYTHING is floating, and most likely floating in the same place they were when they were on the ground).  He turned the roads to soap, which may be bad for walking, but he also turned the grass to a solid checkerboard that was easy to walk on---just walk next to the soap, not on it!  The worst thing he did was turn the clouds to cotton candy and the rain to chocolate milk (or soda), and we saw that not everypony was sad about it (Pinkie actually loved it!).

I suppose what we're supposed to assume about him is that, being the spirit of chaos, he cannot be reasoned with and will do as he pleases with no concern for others.  But he did show reason!  After being berated by Celestia, he caved in and gave the Mane Six a riddle to find the Elements of Harmony.  On top of that, he hid it where Twilight could easily find them!  Even if she had given up hope of finding them, sooner or later the bookworm would have discovered them there!  It's as if he broke free only to cause a little harmless fun, and then intentionally let them turn him back to stone again.

So why is he such a problem?  Why is he evil?  Other than the clouds and rain being changed so that crops may not grow, he didn't really do anything that terrible.  He didn't hurt anypony.  He didn't imprison anypony.  He didn't kill anypony.  He just seemed to want to have fun, the way Pinkie wants to have fun all the time.  Perhaps he is only a problem because Celestia (and Twilight) have a need to keep everything in order, and he is a detriment to this goal.  Who's to say Celestia didn't do the more horrendous thing?  Like Discord said, "I don't turn ponies into stone!"  He had a point.

So, what do you guys think?  Was Discord a monster deserving of his fate, or just a misfit in a world that couldn't accept his spirit?  Leave a comment with your answer!