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Note 2: Lalithaa requested that I assign signs to the CMC, too, so I have done my best to construct those as well.

Question: Which Sun sign do you think the Mane Six or other MLP characters are?

My Answer:

I see a lot of zodiacs based on MLP characters, and I have to say pretty much every single one looks, for the most part, completely inaccurate.  Even more annoying, no one gives reasons for assigning that pony a sign, and instead just list qualities that seem very much arbitrary.  The only one that anyone seems to agree on is that Celestia is a Leo.  I agree on this, too, and I'll explain why in the following list.  As a way for others to judge my point of view, I'll say right now that I'm a Capricorn and the only reason I give astrology any glance is that I have so much Capricorn in my birth chart and the Capricorn description fits my personality so perfectly that it is very much hard to ignore astrology as a basis for personality influences.  So, let us continue with a study of the possible Sun signs of our Mane Six and other special characters.

Mane Six:

Twilight Sparkle: Many people seem to cite her as a Virgo, and I assume this is for her perfectionistic tendencies (and possibly because they don't want to assign any of the Mane Six with the same sign).  This is the first one that cites her as a possible Capricorn.  Honestly, I relate the most to both Twilight and Applejack, and considering I'm such a strong Capricorn I'm going to assume that I'm a good judge of what constitutes a typical Capricorn personality.  Capricorns and Virgos both seek to master whatever goal they pursue---Virgo by being perfectionistic and Capricorn by being hardworking.  Twilight definitely wants to master magic, and pretty much any other subject, so this trait does indeed limit her to Capricorn or Virgo.  Here is where the similarities between Twilight and Virgo stop:  Capricorn is a Cardinal (leader) sign and Virgo is a Mutable (friendly, adaptable) sign.  Virgos are friendly, well-liked people that most people love for their helpful personality.  Capricorns, by contrast, are often outcast socially because they are more focused on the pursuit of their goals and tend to refrain from putting social things on their list of priorities.  If we remember, Twilight was intensely more focused on her studies in Canterlot than making friends.  This is clearly stated in episodes 1 and 2 of season 1.  Even when her assignment from Celestia was to make friends, she much preferred to research Nightmare Moon than to follow the princess' orders to socialize (an easy task for any other sign).  Given how much Twilight respects and seeks the approval of Celestia, for her to directly attempt to disobey an order to make friends shows just how intensely she detested the idea of socializing over working.  This is an entirely Capricorn trait.  Twilight is still definitely a loner even in Ponyville, preferring to stay in her treehouse and read when she isn't out on an adventure.  Humorously, and all too familiar to me, everyone leaves Twilight standing there talking to no one whenever she begins talking about her books, unless the subject actually pertains to the information the person needs at the time (ex: CMC interaction in "Hearts and Hooves Day").  She also relies on her books for social etiquette and other information ("Look Before You Sleep") that she was never able to experience as a filly in Canterlot.  Furthermore, she is the LEADER of the Mane Six, which puts her squarely under Capricorn rather than Virgo.


I look exactly like this far too often.

Rainbow Dash: Aries.  Could she be anything else?  Fiery, aggressive, competitive.  She's an Aries through and through, and in the "Wonderbolt Academy" it's clearly shown and acknowledged that she is a leader.  Aries is the "natural born leader" of the zodiac, and RD displays every quality.  As a smaller detail, one might question, if RD is such a leader, why is Twilight the leader of the Mane Six instead of RD?  Well, RD and Twilight do have a bit of a leadership struggle evidenced in "Dragonshy", in which RD questions Twilight's decision to bring Fluttershy along to no end.  She is not questioning Twilight's position as leader, but she does question some of her leadership decisions.  However, RD does seem to acknowledge overall that Twilight makes a better leader because she is good at organizing and putting ponies in the positions in which said ponies will perform best (choosing to bring Fluttershy along because of her talent with animals, and being able to organize the entire town in "Winter Wrap Up").


Did somepony say "challenge"?

Applejack: Capricorn or Taurus?  Capricorn is the "workhorse of the zodiac", and AJ definitely fits the bill.  Taurus is known for their stubbornness and large appetites.  Being an Earth sign, Taureans are also reliable and honest.  Since Honesty is what Applejack is known for, I'd say she's a Capricorn Sun (Sun sign = life's purpose) with a Taurus Moon (Moon = inner personality)----her life's work is to manage an apple orchard, and her inner personality is strongly Taurus.  To further support the argument that she is outwardly a Capricorn, I cite "Fall Weather Friends" as the perfect display of an Aries-Capricorn relationship between RD and AJ.  Both are competitive, both are driven, and both HATE to lose.  AJ does succomb to cheating, but a Capricorn will reason that it's because "RD started it" and she had to "equalize the playing field" so to speak----and she does obviously try to equalize the playing field all throughout the episode, from claiming that RD using her wings is cheating to resorting to RD's tactics in order to keep up in the race.  Everything AJ does is completely reasonable from a Capricorn's point of view.


Capricorns will often work themselves to death.

Rarity: Rarity, oh Rarity, what a Libra you are.  Beautiful, graceful, and generous to a fault.  Libras, similar to Capricorns, are Cardinal signs.  However, Libra, unlike Capricorn, chooses to lead through pathos.  Everyone likes Libras, and "Sweet and Elite" demonstrates this quite well.  Libras, as a negative side effect, do sometimes get carried away in their need for attention to their beauty, and Rarity also shows this side plainly in "Sonic Rainboom".


Libras are symbolized by the Scales, finding balance in all things, especially beauty.

Fluttershy: Recall that I'm a Capricorn when I say that I relate to Fluttershy the least, like Fluttershy the least (but still do like her), and am pretty much opposite to her in every way.  What is the opposite of a logical, strongly grounded, hardworking Capricorn?  A watery, overly emotional, soft Cancer.  Cancers are homebodies; nurture is their nature.  They love and want to be loved with all of their heart.  Fluttershy's kindness to all is her greatest aspect as well as her greatest weakness.  Cancers cry at the drop of a hat, and Fluttershy is no different.  However, Cancers aren't completely spineless---they are also Cardinal signs like Capricorn, Aries, and Libra.  Fluttershy is terrible at standing up for herself, but when the time comes that it really matters, she will be the bulwark between her friends and danger ("Dragonshy", "Stare Master", standing up for RD against the bullies in "Sonic Rainboom").


Just Fluttershy being scared by a dust particle, as usual.

Pinkie Pie: I'm reminded of a friend of mine who is always happy-go-lucky, always there with a joke, always looking for the next party, and always ready to put a smile on your face.  That's right, I have my own real-life Pinkie Pie----you jelly?  You can have your own real Pinkie Pie, too, if you look no further than a Sagittarius.  On the surface, it seems like these are the happiest people in the world with no dark side whatsoever.  However, my friend has had a rough family life and a rough past, and he is no different than our one-and-only Pinkie Pie.  On the surface, Pinkie is the happiest pony in Equestria, but in "The Cutie Mark Chronicles" we see that her life wasn't always sunshine and daisies.  The happiest person often has the darkest past, but the best thing about them is that they have found a bright side and will always find a bright side both for themselves and for others.  Something I find interesting that other people may not catch through all the craziness she exudes is that Pinkie is actually very smart.  In fact, I'd rate her as the second smartest of the Mane Six, coming below only Twilight.  Pinkie has an excellent memory, being able to recall every pony in Ponyville (she says it herself in "Party of One" and exhibits it in "A Friend in Deed" when she can remember everypony's name and birthday, and the photos in Matilda's scrapbook).  Whenever Twilight doesn't know something or needs information on the spot, guess who knows the answer?  Pinkie.  (Twilight: "What's a Sonic Rainboom?" Pinkie: "You really need to get out more.  A sonic rainboom happens when..."; and who was the only one who immediately recognized---and knew how to get rid of---parasprites?)  Due to her nature of wanting to get to know people and wanting to have fun, Pinkie travels a lot, or is at least outside for the majority of the time (How many times does a scene open on Pinkie roaming around outside instead of inside Sugarcube Corner?  This is in contrast to, say, Twilight and Rarity, who are both nearly always found inside the library or Carousel Boutique, respectively).  This keeps Pinkie up-to-date about current events and makes her a wealth of information about Ponyville, its inhabitants, and major events in Equestria.  This further supports her being a Sagittarius due to Sagittarians' inquisitiveness and resulting interest in travel.


Ready to party!

Special Characters:

Celestia: I once found an interesting comparison of Sun signs between U.S. Presidents that noted Leos appeared to be the most favored candidates.  If we agree that presidents are elected for the most part by the popular vote, then we can assume that most of the time Leos are favored by most people.  Therefore, Leos must be the most favored Sun signs to be leaders of a country.  One of the keywords to describe Leo is "charismatic", after all.  Now, since Celestia is a princess, she obviously was not elected.  However, everyone in Equestria seems to love her dearly, and if there were a popular vote, I have no doubt that Celestia would be reelected to the throne, which gives her a stong likelihood of being a Leo.


Spike: His sign isn't all that clear at first.  Let's look at what we know.  He and Twilight are as close as close can be.  He is no doubt Twilight's best friend, and vice versa.  So, what signs tie so closely together, given Twilight is a Capricorn (and even if it were still a toss-up between Capricorn and Virgo, still an Earth sign)?  Capricorns get along best with Taurus, Virgo, and Pisces.  Spike isn't dreamy (unless it comes to Rarity, but we'll get to that), and is quite grounded in his outlook on life, often directing Twilight when she has lost her mind to schoolwork or the latest disaster, so he must not be a Pisces.  He displays no perfectionistic qualities, but he does make sure to get the job done, whatever the job may be, so Virgo does not quite fit.  While he does eventually get the job done, he does often try to avoid work and would prefer to stay in bed and sleep late each day (he tries to get out of cleaning the library in "The Perfect Swarm" and he complains about having to leave the bed early in the morning in "Winter Wrap Up").  The best fit appears to be Taurus.  To further support this, Spike instantly falls for Rarity's looks.  Taureans appreciate beauty and luxury, so this fits Spike in his pursuit of Rarity.  A cute idea is that Taurus and Libra are actually very much compatible, so if we have accepted that Rarity is a Libra and Spike is a Taurus then one day Spike and Rarity might actually become a little closer (for those of you out there who ignore the difference in species and want to see a relationship blossom between these two).


Cutie Mark Crusaders:

Apple Bloom: Leo.  AB doesn't display true leadership qualities; but, similar to Celestia, fillies gravitate to her for leadership.  The most prominent trait that Apple Bloom displays is her all-consuming concern with what other ponies think of her.  She is easily shamed by Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon; so much so that she is instantaneously embarrassed by her lack of a cutie mark ("Call of the Cutie") and being seen in public with Granny Smith ("Family Appreciation Day").  Even something as simple as meeting a family member ("One Bad Apple") causes her to go into a frenzy searching for the perfect meeting outfit.  This trait is very dominant in Leos. Leos also tend to be wise beyond their years and make good, openminded teachers.  AB shows her openmindedness when she, along with Twilight initially, tries to convince the Mane Six that they shouldn't judge Zecora without getting to know her first ("Bridle Gossip").  In fact, AB is the only one to maintain throughout the entire episode that Zecora should not be feared just because she is different, going so far as to take the initiative to prove Zecora's trustworthiness herself.


Sweetie Belle: Definitely Pisces.  Sweetie Belle doesn't have a very firm grip on reality.  She is often the last to catch on to what Apple Bloom and Scootaloo are thinking (pretending to be creature catchers in "Stare Master") and, according to Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle is most easily found by following the sound of the singing she produces while daydreaming.  We gather most of our information about Sweetie Belle through her interactions with Rarity.  With legendary Piscean sweetness, Sweetie Belle tries her best to please her sister in every way, from cooking her breakfast to washing the laundry to drawing her a heartfelt picture in "Sisterhooves Social".  Also with Piscean childlike naivety, Sweetie Belle cannot understand why her efforts to please only end up aggravating her sister, eventually culminating in Sweetie Belle cleaning up a room she shouldn't have touched and causing Rarity to snap.  To an outside observer, the reasons for Rarity's frustration are obvious.  Despite her best efforts, Sweetie Belle does more harm than good, but Sweetie Belle does not understand why Rarity cannot see her good intentions.  Like a typical Pisces, Sweetie Belle does not anger easily, and this seems to be the only episode in which we finally see her show some frustration.  Otherwise, Sweetie Belle is perfectly content to put up with a lot of things that other ponies may not feel so obliged to do, and do it all with a bright smile on her sweet little face ("Sleepless in Ponyville").  Sweetie Belle, you are Rarity's brightest gem.


Scootaloo: Scootaloo is tough to pin down.  She is sportsy like Rainbow Dash, but she is not a braggart, so I wouldn't say she's an Aries.  She is similar to an Aquarius in that she's always coming up with crazy ideas on how the CMC can get their cutie marks ("Know where we can find a cannon at this hour?" after failing at ziplining in "The Cutie Mark Chronicles").  Her writing displays these same qualities of someone who is always thinking of one idea after another, but never slowing down to choose the best (Sweetie Belle: "...sister, friend, confidante, ally, possum buddy, gal pal, comforter, chum of chums...".  Scootaloo: "Ahem?"  Sweetie Belle: "Well you wrote this!".  Scootaloo: "Oh."-----from "One Bad Apple").  This is where her similarity to Aquarius appears to stop.  Every Aquarian's goal is to be unique for the sake of uniqueness.  However, Scootaloo doesn't seem to want to be unique just to be unique.  In fact, she looks up to Rainbow Dash, hoping that some day RD will teach her everything she knows so that she can be just like RD.


Recurring Characters:

Cheerilee:  My gut is just screaming at me: "Virgo!"  Virgos love to be helpful, and for pony's sake, Cheerilee is a schoolteacher.  She always has a cheerful attitude as well while teaching, and Virgos are happiest when they can help someone learn a new skill, or better yet reteach a skill in a better way (Cheerilee talks about her cutie mark in "Call of the Cutie").  Furthermore, many people love Virgos for their friendliness, and Cheerilee seems to be well-liked in the community (exposition given by the CMC in "Hearts and Hooves Day").  Virgos are also socially adept, and Cheerilee is very tactful in the way she handles the CMC's antics while they are trying to pair her with Big Mac.  However, she is not above expressing annoyance when she hears or sees something ridiculous (she rolls her eyes when the CMC are shocked that she doesn't have a very special somepony in "Hearts and Hooves Day" and her tone is clearly annoyed when the CMC ask her to identify an apple tree).

Granny Smith: To be continued.

Zecora: To be continued. (Scorpio?)

So, in summary, I think this is how the Sun signs stack up against our Mane Six and others:

Twilight: Capricorn

Rainbow Dash: Aries

Applejack: Capricorn

Rarity: Libra

Fluttershy: Cancer

Pinkie Pie: Sagittarius

Celestia: Leo

Spike: Taurus

Apple Bloom: Leo

Sweetie Belle: Pisces

Scootaloo: Most closely related to Aquarius

Cheerilee: Virgo


I'll say just by instinct that I think Derpy may be a Pisces.  Pisces get along with just about everyone, and most people like them because they're so easy to get along with.  Also, Derpy does seem a bit dreamy (she did drop a piano and other heavy cargo on Twilight's head in "Feeling Pinkie Keen").  How could that have happened unless she wasn't paying attention?

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