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  • Miraculousopal


    February 22, 2015 by Miraculousopal

    Guys, i have an apology to make.

    I have been very immature, and i was acting like a child.

    Then i went inactive.

    Now i am back, and i have one thing to say;

    I am very sorry for being immature.

    Especially to Teyandee, i was a jerk to him for no reason.

    Anyway; this is Flutterbutter724 signing off.

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  • Miraculousopal

    There is only 98 days left until the S4 premiere!

    So you know what this calls for?

    A PAR-

    Ok Pinkie, its not a party, its more fun!

    so is it..



    so let the speculations fill!

    Oh, you want me to tell my speculations? Fine...

    ps. the speculations in * are meaning they have been confirmed.

    pps. the speculations in ' mean i approve that idea.

    - Princess Skyla

    - Equestria Games*

    - Equestria History*

    - CMC get their cutie marks*

    - An episode when Rarity Temporarirly becomes an Alicorn, But she overuses her power so Twi and the rest will have to find  a way to save her from her greediness.

    - History of the crystal empire

    - Scoots learns to/ cant fly*

    - An episode where the great and powerful Trixie banished Twilight..again...and then used a…

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  • Miraculousopal

    Hey guys, Your Queen Flutterbutter724 here.

    I was wondering something,

    there are factions that are used to make certain ponies win in Hurt/Heal.


    I want to make sure that only ponies who deserve it to die.

    but slowly, the other ponies will die, too...

    What faction can maintain balance between the ponies then?


    Ok, Peasents!

    Im inviting YOU to the...

    Love Everypony Kingdom! (another faction.)

    Our goal is.....

    Making sure that healing or double healing if they're low on health, and hurting or double hurting them if they're too healthy.

    or shortly...

    Maintain balance between BG ponies, Mane Ponies, Antagonists, Secondary Ponies and Snowdrop.


    nevermind, this is just a game :)

    Also, the reason why im doing this is  to make this game …

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  • Miraculousopal

    Guys! Entertaintment weekly just announced the release date of season 4.

    You can see the article here:

    It says here, that season 4 will be released in...

    November 23th, Saturday!

    Well its better than 2014 or December if you ask me. Its just 13 days longer than 10th of November, so its not much to wait. Only 4 months to go!

    Until then, have a good day,


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  • Miraculousopal

    Princess Skyla

    July 24, 2013 by Miraculousopal

    Guys, you have heard this Princess Skyla, right?

    Well, i think she will appear at S4.


    Lets just say that every princess that appears somwhere ends up being in the show.

    If she appears in the show, im thinking that it will be an episode where the Mane 6 recieve an invitation to the crystal empire for the introduction of Princess skyla , but skyla will get kidnapped, and the Mane 6  will try to save her.

    I think it will be an epic idea for a season opener/finale. what do you think?

    - Flutterbutter724

    UPDATE: The chances of Princess Skyla being introduced in S4 are now higher!



    As you know, The Royal Family is based on Real-life British royal family.

    Now, the British royal family had a baby.

    And, since Princess Cadence And Shining Ar…

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