There is only 98 days left until the S4 premiere!

So you know what this calls for?


Ok Pinkie, its not a party, its more fun!

so is it..



so let the speculations fill!

Oh, you want me to tell my speculations? Fine...

ps. the speculations in * are meaning they have been confirmed.

pps. the speculations in ' mean i approve that idea.

- Princess Skyla

- Equestria Games*

- Equestria History*

- CMC get their cutie marks*

- An episode when Rarity Temporarirly becomes an Alicorn, But she overuses her power so Twi and the rest will have to find  a way to save her from her greediness.

- History of the crystal empire

- Scoots learns to/ cant fly*

- An episode where the great and powerful Trixie banished Twilight..again...and then used a spell to make everypony forget Twilight and make them think she was Celestia's apperantice and  is now a princess of Equestria, and Twilight has to overthrow Trixie of Her place!

-More Sunset Flipper and Brad Sentry.....

..or more simply..

..An EG spinoff/sequel 

- More Mane 6 families*

- Pinkie family visit*

- Superhero 6*'

- The return of previous friends and foes ( Sunset, Trixie, Gilda, Lightning, Babs, Flim Flam bros., Iron will etc.)*

thats it, more will be coming soon!

tell YOUR speculations in the comments!

                                           -- Flutterbutter724