Princess Skyla Toy

The filly that im talking about. If she appears in the show, they will probably change her hair.

Guys, you have heard this Princess Skyla, right?

Well, i think she will appear at S4.


Lets just say that every princess that appears somwhere ends up being in the show.

If she appears in the show, im thinking that it will be an episode where the Mane 6 recieve an invitation to the crystal empire for the introduction of Princess skyla , but skyla will get kidnapped, and the Mane 6  will try to save her.

I think it will be an epic idea for a season opener/finale. what do you think?

- Flutterbutter724

UPDATE: The chances of Princess Skyla being introduced in S4 are now higher!



As you know, The Royal Family is based on Real-life British royal family.

Now, the British royal family had a baby.

And, since Princess Cadence And Shining Armor Are based on British royalty.....

Nuff Said, Skyla will appear at S4

Or at least i think She Will...

So i, for one, welcome The Princess Of Weather, Princess Skyla!