Hey guys, Your Queen Flutterbutter724 here.

I was wondering something,

there are factions that are used to make certain ponies win in Hurt/Heal.


I want to make sure that only ponies who deserve it to die.

but slowly, the other ponies will die, too...

What faction can maintain balance between the ponies then?


Ok, Peasents!

Im inviting YOU to the...

Love Everypony Kingdom! (another faction.)

Our goal is.....

Making sure that healing or double healing if they're low on health, and hurting or double hurting them if they're too healthy.

or shortly...

Maintain balance between BG ponies, Mane Ponies, Antagonists, Secondary Ponies and Snowdrop.


nevermind, this is just a game :)

Also, the reason why im doing this is  to make this game last longer, its a very fun game :)P

Ok, the members are...

Queen or leader: Me 


There are none yet, but if you want to be a knight, join this kingdom, or just stay a peasent.

You can ask in the comments this question if you want to join..

Can i join? and i will say yes.

Or allies are...

The Youre going to love me army

The crystal empire,


The new faction.

The Queen Of This Kingdom,


UPDATE: Nopony is joining this faction. PLEASE join this faction? or else i will have no choice but add some random ppl in my list!

                            Please join this faction,


Fluttershy salute got it S02E02

Fluttershy Salutes, so shall you!