Today is my first day here, but that doesn't mean I don't know much about my little pony friendship is magic. You see I am a student who wants to make cartoons(TV-show & movies) so I know quite much about how this show works out and how to make it so pretty awesome. I discovered this schoolyear that I am more of that type of person that likes to make the story and the characters then make the animation out of it, so maybe Lauren Faust or Matt Groening will be my colleagues in the future (I hope so) ^^

For the people who don't know me I can tell ya all that I am from Norway :) I like mlp, pokemon, naruto & other manga/anime shows, the simpsons, animals, games, make music & art, bake something & make other meals. I really enjoy my relations with my friends ^^ there is always something fun to do with them and I truly loves them. On my deviantart-channel I often speaks with people from around the world & on youtube I try my best to make my movies good so everyone can see them.

Pinkie Pie licks cream beard S1E10

People describes me like this: if you want to know how mirry92 is you can just watch pinkie pie's moods. She is almost always happy & she can suprise you with her flexibility, but she is also sensitive witch makes her a little bit like fluttershy too :P I am also described as the one who wants everypony to be happy or some people say: the leader :o I never believed that I would be the leader in a gang, but I did. Know that I mention it I can just think about it for a second & then I realize why :) and that's a good feeling. Sometimes I think more about how other people are doing then myself :P

I hope I can get some new friends here & if you want to know me more yust visit my channels on youtube or deviantart for more information ^^,

youtube-channel: mirrymycelebi

DevianArt-channel: mirry92