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    FFF Coming soon!

    March 30, 2016 by Misscellanio

    Yesterday I got some awesome ideas for a fanfic so I started writing some down. At first I was just messing around, but then it became a story and then I started to want to make things better and more detailed and then bam! All these ideas kept popping in my brain like around 1am.

    I had taken some Vyvanse not to long before so I got a huge boost of energy mixed with my own burst of adrenaline, which happens if I stay awake like 3-4 hours past my recent regular sleeping hours. The Vyvance kicked in around 1. I literally wrote and researched for about 7 hours straight creating a synopsis for both of my stories.

    First story came in at about 2 and a half pages single spaced.

    Second story came in at about 3 and a half pages single spaced.

    Will pro…

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    I made a list before of what I want to see in season 6 and it was of pretty pivotal things if they happened so here's just a list of things that would be pretty neat, fun or cool to see.

    1. Apple Cobbler and Apple Fritter Speaking - Shoot. What can I say? These ponies are adorable. Great design to them, especially Apple Cobbler, gorgeous looking pony, and it would be pretty great to see some personality in them. Maybe some people might disagree cuz we already have lots of southern accents all over the place but hey I still enjoy them. Would just like to see this underated ponies speak doesn't have to be anything about their exploits.

    2. Who remembers "A Friend in Deed" (how could anypony forget) but in the episode Pinkie Pie goes to talk to …

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    Ignore this.

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    Alright so I just saw the new episode!!

    Also I've been staying away from the episodes that are going to appear so no one spoil it for me.

    It was awesome I definitely loved the progression of the episode and interactions between the characters! But a few questions came up and important things showed and were mentioned in the episode.

    1. So the episode Princess Celestia and Luna both talk about how a baby being born an alicorn has never happened before. Meaning they were not born alicorns either so they earned their wings or horns (I'm going with wings) as well. I wonder how.

    2. Twilight was mirroring celestia by letting Twilight go off on her own, so I thought that was pretty cool. I'm kinda predicting that this season will really put emphasize…

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    Alright so I have been pretty inactive for a while and it will probably continue that way until my school year is over.

    Just wanted to address the elephant in the room.

    Flutterbro x Raibow Dash

    We all know many people are gunna do it. Does not matter how old he is.

    I can already see it now like "Oh hey is Fluttershy here" "Oh no she's not, she went to get Angel some carrots" "Oh well while we wait for her to get back..."


    Idk if anything has been confirmed if he will be older or younger. Many of you may recall how much I ship Fluttershy and Rainbow, so I kinda hope they don't show any strong emotional bond between Rainbow and Fluttershy's brother.

    I mean, if even Rainbow knows he exist, when I think there is no way she couldn't.

    Well, what …

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