Alright so I am extrememly sensitive! When I get filled up with emotion I let it out through tears XD

So I just want to see how many other ponies cry as well. Most of the time I'm not like crying oceans of course, but I shed many tears.

The first time I cried was in the second episode during Pinkie Pie's song. And I probably cried two more times in that episode when she was telling Nightmare Moon who's who and then at the end when she decides to stay in Ponyville.

I've probably cried in probably more than half of the episodes. But usually just the first time I watch them.

Most of the reasons why I cry is because the songs are really good and they just fill my heart up with joy and beauty, so I start crying XD

The episode that made me the most and this episode legit made me put pause on the episode because I was crying was Tanks for the Memories. The second thing was probably Friendship Through the Ages music video and song.

How many times have you cried?

When was the first time you cried?

Ever cried in front of someone while watching it?

Do you normally cry in things?

The episode that made you cry the most?

Let me know if you also never cried.