These were ideas/predictions I had for EG4 before the theme was announced which was camping. Some ideas I have here are still pluasible, but highly unlikely. So yea everything I wrote below was all written before I saw the announcement. I might consider putting up new ideas after 10 minutes get released on Youtube but I doubt it. So here we go:

So as we all know EG4 is coming out soon, so I wanted to share some predictions, but the likely hood of them happening seem to be thin just because it is a really huge stretch so at the same time they are more like ideas.
I feel like EG4 is going to show a rift in the two dimensions: the pony world and the human world combining together in some parts and mostly just around the school area due to either
A. A new villian
B. Some magical force that is going wrong making it more like season 4's premiere where there really was not a villian, but a magical force going wrong.

So I feel like this might start off in the human world; however, I never really put much thought into how the whole movie was going to go through, so this is kind of just spit balling ideas before I get back into the things I thought deeply into.
It will start in the human world and the Mane 7 are awaiting Equestria Twilight for some special event. The movie also addresses Sunset's desire to go back to Equestria, which is something that was going to be a big plot point in friendship games, but then it was changed (watch the bonus features in the movie and they explain it all) and it was touched upon in friendship games when Sunset wanted to go through the portal but then Human Twilight took the magic and whatever.

So that ends up being a huge topic of conversation between Sunset and PonyTwi in the beginning that drives the plot. But then out of nowhere something wrong starts happening between the wolrd.

lalalalala.....plot.......humor..........pretty colors.........Pinkie 4th wall number.........other things......rift!
The world's are now somehow interchanging so at some points the Humans turn into ponies and some points they turn back into humans. Anyway, the mane 7 plus twilight run into the other members of the mane 6 in the pony world (I'm not sure if Starlight is going to be included in this movie, but who knows) (also maybe even Human Sunset will appear and possibly human Starlight).

So yea everything is all wacky and strange so they all decide they have to get to Canterlot which is pretty far from where they are but still traveling distance. The characters bond with each and face problems. Maybe even some throwsbacks like a manticore to mirror season 1 premiere. Also the human versions of the mane 7 have there wings and pony ailities at all times now.

So yadayadayada...... they make it to Canterlot and find Princess Celestia using her magic to fight off beasts!!! Idk I want to Celestia do something, so seeing her fight off some creatures to save some citizens would be pretty cool. But yea they meet, but the most heartwarming part will be her and Sunset's moment. They reconcile with each other and just express emotions and it's a beautiful scene. Definitely 1 of the 3 biggest crying scenes that are usually in the movies, but because there's no time Sunset and Celestia don't get to the most important thing on Sunset's mind: going back to Equestria.

So for some reason, either the villian or the magic problem, is in the the Everfree forest which is alot scarier then befoe due to the fact that magic in an alternate universe is unstable blah blah blah.

They get there and bam! And so many problems come up! The group ends up splitting apart from each other which could really to some developement between the both sides. One group ends up running into the fairy or whatever it was that was on the front cover and there are alot of them. It is definitely a change in emotion because everything so far has been dark and spooky, but the fairies show that there is some light and hope and what not. A song breaks out they find the other group, song continues. Then they get to the other school mentioned in Friendship games: Everton and that's where the climax of the movie is.

Ok. I'm gunna stop myself. I was just going to say a few things that movie was going to go into
2. Meeting of the main characters
3. Sunset's desire to go back to Equestria
4. Sunset and Celestia meet and beautiful moment happens
5. The fairy type things on the cover helps them get through problems.
I wasn't supposed to get all detailed and whatever but then spit ball ideas kept coming and linking things together and yea. But yea what do you all think the movie is going to be about or show? What do you think of my ideas?