Yesterday I got some awesome ideas for a fanfic so I started writing some down. At first I was just messing around, but then it became a story and then I started to want to make things better and more detailed and then bam! All these ideas kept popping in my brain like around 1am.

I had taken some Vyvanse not to long before so I got a huge boost of energy mixed with my own burst of adrenaline, which happens if I stay awake like 3-4 hours past my recent regular sleeping hours. The Vyvance kicked in around 1. I literally wrote and researched for about 7 hours straight creating a synopsis for both of my stories.

First story came in at about 2 and a half pages single spaced.

Second story came in at about 3 and a half pages single spaced.

Will probably release a few chapters by late next month on so if you all are interested you can come check out my channel in a month or so with this link

So excited! No more Vyvance tho. I gotta save money. Also don't wanna rely on drugs I don't need.