I made a list before of what I want to see in season 6 and it was of pretty pivotal things if they happened so here's just a list of things that would be pretty neat, fun or cool to see.

1. Apple Cobbler and Apple Fritter Speaking - Shoot. What can I say? These ponies are adorable. Great design to them, especially Apple Cobbler, gorgeous looking pony, and it would be pretty great to see some personality in them. Maybe some people might disagree cuz we already have lots of southern accents all over the place but hey I still enjoy them. Would just like to see this underated ponies speak doesn't have to be anything about their exploits.

2. Who remembers "A Friend in Deed" (how could anypony forget) but in the episode Pinkie Pie goes to talk to Twilight and in the episode Twilight and Rainbow Dash are having reading time together or something of the sort. Would definitely like to see that again. Pretty neat and cute. Twilight Tuesdays! (if it was a tuesday)

3. More sleepovers XD (so cute to think of the ponies sleeping over)

4. This next one might seem like a big thing because it brings more things to show canon, but doesn't seem all that bad. Mentioning more events that happened in the mlp chapter books just like in "The Mane Attraction" with the Pinkie Pie and the Rockin' Ponypalooza party. {(Rarity's assisstant, Rainbow being super daring and the whole legend of the Sonic Rainboom and that Zebra (forgot his name), Cadence's backstory (her breathing technique was put in the show so that was cool), Applejack's mom's diary and her toy}

5. Seeing Rarity in some more magazine. I mean Hoity Toity loved her, Sapphire Shores,, etc. etc. etc. She should be rolling in the bits. But probably spends it all on more gems and rubies to put on her designs, but still like "Oh hey I bought this the other day" (something that looks extra expensive) Mentioning the her shop in Canterlot will probably happen because it just showed up in season 5 but if it doesn't then I'd like it to.

6. More Birthday Parties! I'd like to see how they celebrate everypony and not just Twilight, Pinkie and Rainbow. Also Spike if they haven't. Also the CMC (but that is more of a full out episode thing I want and not just a glimpse or mention)

7. More ponies acknowledging the fact the Mane 6 save Equestria all the time.

8. More History! (seems like a big thing because it could bring more things to canon but I don't really think so because I consider anything mentioned in the movies, show, comics or books as canon. Right now I see it as Show Canon>Movie Canon>Book Canon>Comic Canon. Also history about Star Swirl the Bearded, Commander Hurricane, the other Wonderbolt leaders (that might be addressed with the new Wonderbolt book coming out soon), Chancellor Puddinghead, King Bullion and Princess Platinum. (kinda feel like most of this stuff is covered in the Princess Chapter books, Journal of the Two Sisters and comics but would like to see it in show.

9.Oooo Daring Doo wrote a story with Rainbow Dash on the front cover! The book must have been realeased by now! Someone mention the book to Rainbow!

10. Party at Discord's place! (sorry another episode plot idea)

11. Would like to see ponies enjoying zap apples.

12. How's Featherweight doing with the Foal Free Press tho?

13. What happened to Bluetaloo and Super Sweetie Belle in the beginning of Call of the Cutie? XD

14. Would like to see Derpy delivering some mail. I mean I know it looked like she had a mailmare uniform on in "Crusaders of the Last Mark" and in the stories is depicted delievering mail, but come one!

15. Like is Hearts and Hooves day going to happen again. Don't wanna see any main characters hooking up with anypony but you know just like seeing holidays celebrated again.

16. There's mules in Equestria (which is an offspring of a male donkey and female horse in real life) would like to see that couple and would also like to see a Hinny in equestria (female donkey and male horse offspring). Also the "Too Cool for Mule" needs to stop. XD I mean I can see it as a harmless joke because I am grown, but in essence it is kinda wrong.

17. I really liked Ms.Harshwhinny! Thought she was adorable. Would like to see her again.

18. How are things going with the Ponytones? Rarity? Big Mac?

19. Resuming Twilight Time trainning with the CMC, thought they might be too busy now that even Twilight said "tag along with the CMC the next time they try help a pony who can't figure out why they're special." Still find it very awesome how official that is.

20. Let's see Minuette, Lemon Hearts, Twinkleshine and Moondance again but like all of the ponies hanging out together. Mane 6 and them. (seems more like an episode plot idea too) But if it was I would also include Coco Pummel, Gilda again (have her apologize to Fluttershy and everyone), Silver Shill. Big gigantic party for everyone! (now definitely an episode plot idea) But I think two party episodes is enough for one season.