In episode six of season 3, Sleepless in Ponyville, Rainbow Dash stated that she would take Scootaloo under her wing and show her everything she knows.

Well, I wanna see that in season 6. That would be pretty awesome. Rainbow Dash showing Scootaloo how to fly? Now, not only would that be the most adorable thing ever, it will really drive the relationship both of them have even more! I personally love the episodes when they show Scootaloo interacting with Rainbow Dash! They're amazing!

Scootaloo performs the Sonic Rainboom!

Nah I'm just kidding. Even though that sounds hella awesome! It would make Rainbow Dash's character less special. She was able to do something that most ponies thought was impossible. So, yea what do you think about?

Anyway back to the Scootaloo and Dashie bonding. It will continue to develop Rainbow Dash's character as a more caring Pony with lots of love and emotion and not just the arrogant Pony she was in the beginning. Her love for books, her love for Tank, her love for her friends, etc. And Scootaloo's desire to really impress her and put more emphasize on her cutie mark and dare devil antics.

At the same time maybe instead of a few episodes maybe just one because maybe discovering the reason behind their cutie marks, you know to help other ponies to get there's, would be a better idea. What do you all think?

Do you all love Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo as much as I do??