Alright so I just saw the new episode!!

Also I've been staying away from the episodes that are going to appear so no one spoil it for me.

It was awesome I definitely loved the progression of the episode and interactions between the characters! But a few questions came up and important things showed and were mentioned in the episode.

1. So the episode Princess Celestia and Luna both talk about how a baby being born an alicorn has never happened before. Meaning they were not born alicorns either so they earned their wings or horns (I'm going with wings) as well. I wonder how.

2. Twilight was mirroring celestia by letting Twilight go off on her own, so I thought that was pretty cool. I'm kinda predicting that this season will really put emphasize on the relationships between Starlight and other characters and Starlight learns lessons kinda like in season 1 when the episode would not be about Twilight but she came out of nowhere and was able to write a lesson about whatever it was.

3.The episode kinda took emphasize off of the Mane 7 members who weren't Twilight and Starlight, which kinda felt weird to me, but it's the season premiere and the episode usually always put too much emphasize on Twiilight so I'm not complaining just wish the premieres and finales would make the other members of the mane 6 look just as great as Twilight.

4. The shipping is strong with Starlight and Sunburst

5. Spike was pretty cool in this episode. Who usually seems like he is hindering the whole operation or just there for comedic relief but this was like "Yo I'm Spike and I got answers too" and you know I like Spike and this made him seem pretty cool.

6. Twilight's parents spoke!!! It was awesome!

7.Lots of the ponies who were there were not Crystal ponies so that was pretty though some of them did pull off the tourist look.

8. Twilight was making spells kind of in a way. Let's hope that continues. I mean Starswirl the beared was able to create hundreds of spells, but I forgot the actual amount. So why shouldn't Twilight be able to create more. Let's get it!

What do you all think?