• Mlplover12321

    O.C Bios pt 3

    June 25, 2013 by Mlplover12321

    hi once again we will now see my next oc Bomb




    Coat color:Bright grey

    eye color:dark red

    mane and tail color:bright red(origonal)

    cutie mark:mushroom cloud

    thats it sorry that i cut these short

    next time:Raindrop


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  • Mlplover12321

    Hi again every pony and today we will learn about creating O.C bios! It is highly easy really.

    Bios are Things about a thing that shows its charicteristics and bios are great if your starting a RPG!

    first of all you have to put down things about your charicter.(exanple:name,age,race,gender,eye color,mane and tail styl,mane and tail color,eye shape,cutie mark,coat color,likes,dislikes,other names,etc.)

    Also if your pony is married or in a relation ship you should also state that out like my oc raindrop.She is a widow.her bio is later.Do this same if your oc has any fillies or colts.

    the last thing is that IF you want you can put in a story.

    example:Raindrop is the long lost cosin of celestia and luna.When she was a young filly is wanted to look …

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  • Mlplover12321

    O.C Bios pt 2

    June 14, 2013 by Mlplover12321

    Hello again every pony!Here is my next blog post for my mlp ocs!




    Color:Ochen blue Hair color:Some blue color

    Eye color:Dark Blue

    No cutie mark

    Age:Filly Stage

    Thats Also it for now

    Next:How to create a oc Bio 

    Later:Bomb:princess of war

    i make alot of alicorns yeah.

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  • Mlplover12321

    O.C Bios pt 1

    June 10, 2013 by Mlplover12321

    Hi Every-Pony! I just wanted to get in touch with introducing my ponies I created!

    Name:Fire Ball



    Coat:Fire red

    Mane and tail color:yellow

    Hair Type:spikey

    Cutie mark:Fire ball


    Princess of:Fire

    Thats all for now.Sorry Every-Pony.

    Next:Merlea:princess of the ochen

    Later:How to make Oc Bios!

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