Hi again every pony and today we will learn about creating O.C bios! It is highly easy really.

Bios are Things about a thing that shows its charicteristics and bios are great if your starting a RPG!

first of all you have to put down things about your charicter.(exanple:name,age,race,gender,eye color,mane and tail styl,mane and tail color,eye shape,cutie mark,coat color,likes,dislikes,other names,etc.)

Also if your pony is married or in a relation ship you should also state that out like my oc raindrop.She is a widow.her bio is later.Do this same if your oc has any fillies or colts.

the last thing is that IF you want you can put in a story.

example:Raindrop is the long lost cosin of celestia and luna.When she was a young filly is wanted to look just like Celestia or luna.But after she ganed her cutie mark,she looked in the mirror and was ashamed because she looked nothing like Celes' Tia ' or luna and flew off into the night and never returned.Years later she met a Male alicorn named Thunder Cloud and later married him.But a tragity befell the couple when Thunder cloud died in war and just when there first born son,Deep sea was born.she kept this tragety from her sonso she dose not lose her only son.

Hope you enjoyed!!!

Sweetie Belle 'um...' S01E18

Thats a sad story

next:Bomb:Princess of war later:Raindrop:Princess of water and Rain

Spike nooh! S1E19

Im with you sweetie bell!!!:'( (Lol)