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  • Mlpreviews768

    (Rarity comes out of her house and sees that everypony is running in fear. The sky's gray and part of Ponyville is destroyed)

    Rarity: What in Equestria is going on?!

    Applejack: Thank goodness you're here, Rarity! Something's wrong but we don't know what!

    Rainbow Dash: Yeah! Me and the other pegasi tried clearing the skies and fixing everything, but it just keeps getting worse!

    Fluttershy: My animals are scared to death!... and so am I 

    Pinkie Pie: None of my jokes are working! I try to keep them calm, but they're to scared!

    (Thunder starts to rumble. A figure appears from the sky)

    ?: (laughs evily) Don't even bother! With my magic twice as strong, nothing can stop me!

    Rarity: Twilight!

    Twilight: (laughs evily. More thunder starts to rumble and a st…

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  • Mlpreviews768

    (By the way, I'm new here :D)

    Twilight: Okay, time to test out this new spell!

    (Twilight casts the spell. The spell was so powerful that Twilight was starting to lose power. There was an explosion)

    Twilight: Ouch!! Hmm... I guess nothing happened

    (There is a shadow lurking around her room)

    Twilight: Huh? Who's there?

    (The shadow heads toward her, ready to attack)

    Twilight: Wha-- (screams) 

    (Screen fades to black)

    Hope you like it so far! Part two coming tomorrow :D

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