Have you ever showed your Loyalty toward the one you always had a crush on? What I mean by this is if you see that guy or girl you have a crush on but that person doesn’t know it.

You see him or her in a parking lot. A couple people teasing, bullying the person you have a crush on who is also a Brony and is wearing Pony Merch. You quickly pull in and get out of your car fast and yell “Leave him alone!” If the bully or bullies says to you, “What are you gonna do about it!” Then you say “Keep making fun of him and find out!” Then I quietly told the person I have a crush on that I’m sticking up for to get in my car. I would do a quick push as hard as I can to knock the bully down and run to my car and get out of there. Have this ever happened to you as you stood up for the one you have a crush on and you have won their love to be with you?

Because I have a crush on someone and I always wondered what he would do if I had to defend him. He knows I have a crush on him but if this ever did happen, he might see that I care for him a whole lot and I would do anything to keep him safe and I might earn his love to finally be together and be boyfriend to boyfriend.

Just because I’m having trouble to become great friends and go on further to me more than friends. It’s like I’m Luna from that Halloween episode “Luna Eclipsed”. Where she was also having trouble fitting in. I gave myself a Tarot reading the other night if things will work out and by the results by the end, it won’t work out well. Can any of you Bronies help me on this? I’m a Brony too but only since Oct. 2012. So I’ve been a Brony for a short time. I’m still trying to show my Love & Tolerance towards other people. But doesn’t seem to work very well. I need help. Seeking guidance from other fellow Bronies in this forever getting popular by a day community.

You know what I would call a Brony couple? Gay or Straight? “Brony Love”.