I plan in the future to make the best MLP FiM game possible with a mixture of missions from the show and side missions to help the CMC find their talents and help Derpy find her lost muffins and deliver mail around Equestria. It will be a massive open world with thousands and thousands of miles all over Equestria. And will have another mixture if you've heard of it: Fighting is Magic. You can cause a fight with random ponies and they'll run away and you might get caught by the royal guard or to make things more interesting, on split screen and online multiplayer, you can combat eachother.

Would be more fun if two players were Pegasus and fighting in the sky. The only transportation for Earth ponies is the train, while the unicorns can teleport while the pegasu can fly but you decide HOW YOU WANT to get to your destination. I have this plan for the game all typed out that I might even post my idea on here. Does my idea for a great MLP FiM game for mainly older Bronies would be fun for you to play and buy it? My suggested rating for this would possibly be a E10+ just because with the mix of fighting is magic.

The very last villian to defeat before you beat the game would possibly be Discord because he's the master of chaos and he made Twilight sooo frustrated in that part 2 episode. But most missions will be made up kind of like Skyrim versions of missions wheree you have to deliver or go meet somepony, etc. I plan on making Discord the most very most hardest villian to defeat because you seen how he teleports and disapears. So you would have to fool him and make an attack and you'll have to do it again, fool him, attack over and over. You will have your other mane six helping you out but when he's gets very weak, you'll be able to unleash the Magic of Friendship to unleash the Rainbow and defeat him by turning him to stone.

Sounds fun enough for you to play this if I did made this but I still plan on creating it but might need help if any of you know somepony who is really good with computer stuff like this. Please let me know, Thanks ;)