This is a question that my sister (who enjoys it much less than I do) and my mom (doesn't enjoy it at all, finds the voices annoying) have asked me, and my answer is always "You know, I'm not really sure". In the back of my mind I know that some minor reasons are: 1. Sure it's funny, but no more funny than lots of other shows out there; and: 2. It's so wonderfully cute and adorable, but if I wanted to look at something cute and adorable, I'd look at my cat. So the more I think about it, the more I realize that I don't really have a solid reason for enjoying the show, yet I've watched every episode at least 15 times over in less than a year. But that always leads me to think, what does everyone else enjoy about it so much? Maybe by hearing other people's opinions, it may give me a reason to enjoy the show, other than "I like it because I do". So now I'll maybe get some answers.