I guess it's time to share my McDonald's pony-raiding experience!

So, lucky for me, the store I work at shares its parking lot with McDonald's! All I had to do was walk up there during a break, ask for ponies, and leave. Easy enough, right? Not really! It takes quite a bit of courage, as a grown man, to ask for a little girls' toy in front of so many people!

Well, I finally worked up the courage to do it. ...After all, who would remember me, anyway? I got up to the counter, and waited for my turn to order. This was when my heart was beating extremely hard! I couldn't back out now; I was so close! The woman behind the counter asks, "what would you like to order?". "Well," I began nervously, "I'd like to collect some Happy Meal toys today." At this point, I had caught the attention of another employee, as well as a couple of random customers. The employee gives a slightly odd look at me... "Would you like the boys or the girls toys?" she asks. (Well, this is awkward!) "Girls, please".

At this point, I'm convinced that the employees thought I was a total weirdo! One of them even said, "I'll make sure to remember you next time!"

It was hilarious!

Sadly though, after all this, I found out that there were just two ponies left. I had my hopes up for Applejack and Rarity. However, the only two left were Pinkie Pie and Rarity. Yay, Rarity! SOLD!

All this time, there also this little girl next to me in line. I have no idea what she was thinking as I ordered the last of the My Little Pony toys! LOL!

Since then, I've actually revisited the McDonald's several times to pick up a few more. I now have six out of eight. Only missing Rainbow Dash and Cheerilee. Here's a photo of them:


Anyone else want to share their own experiences?

Update: I have just now completed the collection! Picture coming soon!