• Moogleknight24

    In My Little Pony, here's something to think about.

    It never once stated that Celestia created their universe. She just raises and lowers the sun and is apparently immortal, yet she wasn't always. It wasn't until she and Luna defeated Discord and then took over.

    But Discord didn't create the universe either. He's more like the "Devil" of their world.

    So who represents God?

    Answer: Think to Pinkie Pie. I find her awfully suspicious. -Constantly defying physics/reality (It IS a cartoon after all... but she's the only one who actually can do that aside from Discord) -The ability to cheer up anyone anywhere, though there are things she couldn't do like cheer up Cranky the Donkey at first, and gave in to Discord and her own insanity at times. But I t…

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