aka Brina

  • I live in Iowa
  • I was born on July 9
  • My occupation is Illustrator
  • I am female
  • MoonFloret

    Even though I started my Wikia account with ulterior motives (if you don't know, please refer to my first blog post), I did have a reason behind my username and I kind of want to explain it. First things first, I love sentimentality and symbolism, so of course I'm going to think about my username for an entire week before actually making a Wikia account. I wanted it to mean something. As simple as the name MoonFloret is, it does mean something. When I created my account, I thought of what kind of pony I would want to be. I made a character for myself that would represent myself and wanted that as my username. Settling on MoonFloret was easy once I realized that it was what I wanted to represent.

    My pony-self is a poet. I'm an artist and do …

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  • MoonFloret

    So, in my previous blog post, I had mentioned that I was working on a surprise. Well, it was for UnknownProdigy.... I made a temporary cover for his fanfic he writes (The Nameless War). I thought I would share it here in my Wikia blog and then put a link to my DA posting of it for those who might be interested in reading the back story to it. 


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  • MoonFloret

    Who Might I Be?

    December 16, 2014 by MoonFloret

    So... yea. I'm an artist. I am also a blogger, but that's not important since my blog has very little connection to MLP, so I doubt it'd interest you in the least. I want to improve my abilities at drawing in the MLP style, so I made my own Wikia account... I'm also pretty good at catching errors, so I thought I might fix some stuff while I'm at it. I actually have a project I'm working on currently that is MLP related, but it's a super aweome secret for a Christmas gift and I made this account mostly with the intention of getting some help on it. I'm in search of some OC reference sheets, permission to draw those characters, and some sneaky behind-the-scene info gathering.... It'll be fun and hopefully go well. I'll upload a picture of th…

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