Even though I started my Wikia account with ulterior motives (if you don't know, please refer to my first blog post), I did have a reason behind my username and I kind of want to explain it. First things first, I love sentimentality and symbolism, so of course I'm going to think about my username for an entire week before actually making a Wikia account. I wanted it to mean something. As simple as the name MoonFloret is, it does mean something. When I created my account, I thought of what kind of pony I would want to be. I made a character for myself that would represent myself and wanted that as my username. Settling on MoonFloret was easy once I realized that it was what I wanted to represent.

My pony-self is a poet. I'm an artist and do write poems, but MoonFloret is a poet, she is like the MLP version of my poems when I write. This is how she was made:

"I do not wish to have the easy route,

I do not want to always have the sun shining on me.

I do not crave to be one of many

Which only can open up in a world of light.

Let me be swallowed by the darkness,

Let me bloom in the luminecent glow of the moon.

Let me be your flower 

That found a way to blossom in night."


I wanna be able to take the darkness and not let it stop me from blooming, because even the darkness is beautiful. It's like one of my favorite quotes:

"What are you going to do with all that dark?"

"Find a way to glow in it." 

--Amanda Torroni

So, yea. My pony OC came from a poem of mine. I actually really like darkness. It can be soothing and it can be scary, but it's only as much as your mind allows it to be. MF is a weirdo. Yup. That about sums it up.