Ok. So this is my attempt at starting a parody meme based on the "Chuck Norris Facts" meme. Some of these are based on existing Chuck Norris Facts. So if they seem a bit strange, check out the list of Chuck Norris Facts. Many of them were shamelessly stolen and modified from there. Please feel free to contribute any good ones you come up with. :)

Fluttershy Facts

  1. When Fluttlershy uses The Stare, even Chuck Norris is rendered powerless.
  2. Fluttershy doesn't need to be able to roundhouse kick anything. She just orders Chuck Norris to do it for her.
  3. When Chuck Norris meditates to find inner peace and strength, he medidates on Fluttershy.
  4. When Chuck Norris was caught chewing gum in class, Fluttershy made him spit it out.
  5. Chuck Norris cannot die. He's bound to be Fluttershy's servant for all eternity.
  6. Chuck Norris became a Pokemon master even before Ash did, but then found out Fluttershy beat him to it.
  7. Fluttershy doesn't need a fancy method of changing a lightbulb. She just orders Chuck Norris to do it for her.
  8. Chuck Norris may not look like a fool with his pants on the ground, but Fluttershy doesn't need to wear any pants at all.
  9. Chuck Norris invented the Internet... So that Fluttershy would have somewhere to spread the message of friendship is magic.
  10. Chuck Norris can fast-forward live TV, unless it is MLP:FIM.
  11. Chuck Norris rides horseback, but Fluttershy rides Chuckback.
  12. Chuck Norris made time wait, because Fluttershy ordered that it be stopped until Season 2 was ready.
  13. You can lead a horse to water, but only Fluttershy can lead Chuck Norris to water.
  14. Chuck Norris can run around a tree at the speed of light, but only Fluttershy can become a tree.
  15. For Chuck Norris, every street is one way. FLUTTERSHY'S WAY!
  16. Chuck Norris might be able to roundhouse kick something through a wall, but this is what happens when Fluttershy kicks something.