Corrupt Twilight Sparkle S2E2
Originally, I was going to post a very long message detailing all the reasons I'm leaving. But I changed my mind. I've already given too much of my time to this wiki--especially to the chat. And lately, all I have gotten in return, is stress and emotional burnout. So instead of writing a long post, I'm just going to make it short and to the point:

The Spirit of Harmony that used to be so prevalent in this wiki--that used to make it one of the premier MLP sites on the Internet, is gone. It's been gone for some time now. The Spirit of Harmony is gone, and the wiki is now the domain of Discord. It has become that way, because the founder, and certain admins, have let Discord through the front the door by allowing admin abuse of users to go unchecked with nothing more than a slap on the wrist--serious offenses that would have gotten any normal user permanently blocked a long time ago. But instead, admin rights won't even be lost. And that's just the latest in a string of problems with the way the wiki has been run lately--problems that I have given up on trying to fix.

I have nothing against most of you. And I wish you all the best. It's a shame that one of the premier MLP sites on the Internet had to lose the Spirit of Harmony and become a haven for Discord just because of a small number of abusive people in power, and certain others in power who refuse to do anything about it except give a slap on the wrist.

So goodbye all. May Princess Celestia guide your days, and Princess Luna guard your nights. Celestia and Luna willing, we will meet again in a better corner of cyberspace.