Moonshine Stars

aka Mugi, Luna

  • I live in Threledas, Ocredan
  • I was born on October 27
  • My occupation is Fillyman's Sidekick
  • I am Mare
  • Moonshine Stars

    It's been sometime since I did another one.

    So blast 'em at me but here are some rules:

    1. No NFSW stuff. That's basic
    2. You're awesome
    3. Have a nice day
    4. That tie looks nice on you.
    5. Did you get your haircut? It's dazzling.
    6. What a very nice joke! Made me laugh
    7. Just ask.
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  • Moonshine Stars

    Since this trend returned, I jumped on the boat... again. ASK ME QUESTIONS. Go ahead! Just anything except how stupid I am for jumping on the trend boat. Go on. :3

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  • Moonshine Stars

    Alright, I have actually decided to do this!

    Ask me ANYTHING, inapporirate questions will be ignored...

    So go ahead, ask me anything. 

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  • Moonshine Stars

    So during the chat today, we were chilling around, no big deal and talking about ponies and stuff. Then suddenely, the topic of cutie marks came up. And it turned into an interesting discussion about destiny and Equestria. Which got me to come to this theory. 

    Now, this theory is actually longer than I expected, so I suggest you stay in focus with me and maybe grab a snack. Take a seat and I'll get started.

    Now, lets take a look at some ponies, shall we?

    What do they seem to have that regular horses don't have? Thats right. A cutie mark. Now a cutie mark relates to their name and their destiny and the pony must choose his own destiny by their talent.... But wait a second. That takes time..... Yet they are named at birth.

    This is when it just c…

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  • Moonshine Stars

    Name my kitten

    June 21, 2013 by Moonshine Stars

    Let's name the kitten?

    So I rescued another kitten and decided to keep her. A lot of people on the chat know I have 16 pets, 14 kittens named after users, 1 tortoise named Bubbles and a squirrel named Hammy. 

    So I'm leaving this naming to you guys. 

    She's a Siamese cat with a blue-point coat colour and blue eyes. 

    Names taken by other cats:

    Filly - Russian Blue 

    Toxic - Chauise 

    Juan - Chausie

    Pony - Chausie

    Jon - Chausie

    Bolt - Chausie 

    Natalie - Chausie

    Steph - Chausie

    Pucho - Chausie

    Cobra - Chausie

    Haed - Chausie

    Theo - Chausie

    Ocre - Chausie

    Thomas - Chausie

    Please choose by the 25th of June,

    since I need to make the paperwork! 


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