Let's name the kitten?

So I rescued another kitten and decided to keep her. A lot of people on the chat know I have 16 pets, 14 kittens named after users, 1 tortoise named Bubbles and a squirrel named Hammy. 

So I'm leaving this naming to you guys. 

She's a Siamese cat with a blue-point coat colour and blue eyes. 

Names taken by other cats:

Filly - Russian Blue 

Toxic - Chauise 

Juan - Chausie

Pony - Chausie

Jon - Chausie

Bolt - Chausie 

Natalie - Chausie

Steph - Chausie

Pucho - Chausie

Cobra - Chausie

Haed - Chausie

Theo - Chausie

Ocre - Chausie

Thomas - Chausie

Please choose by the 25th of June,

since I need to make the paperwork!