I've just had all of my progress ruined by stupid daylight saving time

For the past several months I've been working on getting the awards for posting everyday and it's occasionally been difficult to post, namely when I've had to go to something that would keep me out for most of the day or when I've had to stay out of town overnight but I had managed to get the Element of Magic award and was nearly 2/3s of the way to getting the lst award for posting everyday for a year. But then today I had a several things call me away from the computer but thought I would still be alright doing my edit at 7:30 since the website is probably based in a country with daylight saving time the wiki's clock would move back too (note for me the date changes at 8pm)

No, appearently it dosen't

It reset the counter on me so I have top start all over but with out the other awards as mini goals

I don't suppose I'm the only one who's had this happen or in cases like this it's possible for somebody to overide the counter and give me my progress back