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    Cutie Map - Review

    April 8, 2015 by Motionless

    Warning: Spoilers. Honestly, I shouldn't even be writing this. Of course there is going to be spoilers.

    I'll say this now and I won't say it again: I found this episode not engaging nor intriguing. Out of all the two parters, this episode was probably the worst, competing with Princess Twilight Sparkle. It wasn't very memorable, and I find Starlight Glimmer as one of the worst villains. She seemed so rushed to be made and really bland. The ponies that lived in the town actually did make the cut, though I was disappointed when they decided to stay in their home at the end of the episode. The plot twist in the middle of the episode, I'm referring to when Starlight actually had a cutie mark this whole time, was expected. I got quite bored whil…

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    Hey everyone, it is I, Animetrex. As I'm still new to the wiki, I hope I won't recieve too much hate from my personal opinion. Warning, post may contain spoilers.

    Ah, Derpy Whooves. The one with the crossed eyes. I always loved this mailponies design, and those few lines she delivered really made my day. 'Surely that can't be your only reasons', you may be asking. Well, I always loved how she displayed clumsiness. It's hard to express why I like Derpy Whooves, though what I can say is she is my number ten.

    'Discord, I'm howling at the moon. And sleeping in the middle of a summer afternoon...' Discord, the most beloved villain of the entire franchise. Inspired by Q from Star Trek. Everyone loves a manipulative villain, one who is so evil that…

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    New to the wiki

    March 30, 2015 by Motionless

    Hello everyone, I'm Animetrex, though my pen name is Sora. I'll try to describe myself the best I can in this blog post, and I hope I'll meet some great people on this site.

    So, I'm obviously a pegasister. My favorite races are Changelings and Bat Ponies. Who is the best pony to me? My favorite pony is probably Fluttershy, but my favorite character overall is Queen Chrysalis.

    My main pony OC is Sketchglide, since it would probably be a pegasus and like drawing since I draw myself. Though I haven't formulated much about this character.

    My personality is rather odd- I don't have many emotions. Though I am very shy. So basically I'm a combination of Maud Pie and Fluttershy, if that works. 

    I rate the main six in this order: #1 Fluttershy, #2 Rain…

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