Cutie Map Review

Warning: Spoilers. Honestly, I shouldn't even be writing this. Of course there is going to be spoilers.

I'll say this now and I won't say it again: I found this episode not engaging nor intriguing. Out of all the two parters, this episode was probably the worst, competing with Princess Twilight Sparkle. It wasn't very memorable, and I find Starlight Glimmer as one of the worst villains. She seemed so rushed to be made and really bland. The ponies that lived in the town actually did make the cut, though I was disappointed when they decided to stay in their home at the end of the episode. The plot twist in the middle of the episode, I'm referring to when Starlight actually had a cutie mark this whole time, was expected. I got quite bored while watching this and paid less attention to it as it went by. Now for some ratings.


New Characters: 7/10

Villain: 3/10

Plot: 5/10

Climax: 2/10

Originality: 5/10

Overall Score: 60/100

Though the score may seem high, that's a D- for average Massachusetts tests, so for me this is a D- episode. Thank you for reading this review and have a good day/night.

"Hey do you know what would make this episode suck worse?"


"Starlight becoming reformed, we've already had enough reformed villains. I'm looking at you, Sunset and Discord."

-A few episodes later, Starlight comes back! And is reformed...-

"Kill me now."