Hey everyone, it is I, Animetrex. As I'm still new to the wiki, I hope I won't recieve too much hate from my personal opinion. Warning, post may contain spoilers.

                                       Animetrex's Top 10 Characters

10. Derpy Whooves

Ah, Derpy Whooves. The one with the crossed eyes. I always loved this mailponies design, and those few lines she delivered really made my day. 'Surely that can't be your only reasons', you may be asking. Well, I always loved how she displayed clumsiness. It's hard to express why I like Derpy Whooves, though what I can say is she is my number ten.

9. Discord

'Discord, I'm howling at the moon. And sleeping in the middle of a summer afternoon...' Discord, the most beloved villain of the entire franchise. Inspired by Q from Star Trek. Everyone loves a manipulative villain, one who is so evil that they will do anything to destroy what comes in his path. I personally do not like how he was reformed, though I assume he is an anti-hero by now.

8. King Sombra

I find King Sombra underrated, I mean, everyone hates him for having not many lines and no character developement. I can agree, these elements to agitate me and many others. However, I still like this villain for his design, his plan, and all that he introduced. Think about it, if he never came, then our heroes would not have traveled to the Crystal Empire, thus having fans not know about it. 

7. Vinyl Scratch

Another background pony, but why have one of these types of 'useless' ponies on this exclusive list... well I have an answer. Vinyl Scratch has had many appearances before, performing and being plain cool. Her design is very well done, and her mane is probably the best in the series. (Next to Chrysalis and Luna of course) She also made my day whenever I saw her violet/scarlet eyes, odd right?

6. Rarity

This fashionesta deserves so much more credit, at least as much as Pinkie Pie. First of all, she's hilarious. Plus, she has a very decent amount of flaws, unlike other characters. Rarity also expresses her element the most, showing generosity whenever she is able to. Rarity is both a great influence and character.

5. Maud Pie

This character, for me, is very relatable. She is basically emotionless and quite boring, this being the reason people don't like her as much as her sister who is much more enthusiastic. I find her rather interesting, though her fascination in rocks does seem a bit... overwhelmingly plain... though even though she has that flaw, I think I can safely say she's one of my favorites.

4. Rainbow Dash

She's hated for being loved, which I find ridiculous. Yes, she is arrogant and way too prideful. However, these flaws steer her away from Mary Sue territory. Not only is she a good flier, but she's also a great friend. Rainbow Dash will do anything to defend her friends from whatever there is that could possibly hurt them in any way, which I admire greatly.

3. Princess Luna

Luna is my hands down favorite princess. My seven deadly sin is Envy, and her's is obviously as well. She is probably the most relatable, besides Fluttershy. I've always liked the moon, and that's what she's the princess of. She has had a lot of character development, from Luna to Nightmare Moon back to the Luna we all know and love. She's different from the other princesses, and that's why I like her.

2. Fluttershy

Fluttershy, a fan favorite. I always loved her so much, since she's a lot like me. We both are very shy and love animals, not to mention how she tries her best to remain calm all the time. Though she can be a bit of a push over, she'll always have a special place in my heart.

1. Queen Chrysalis

Hail the queen of the changelings, the one who stole the first spot ever since I first saw her. Chrysalis is and will always be my favorite character, though she only had a little screen time, the changeling queen is my favorite character in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.