Hello everyone, I'm Animetrex, though my pen name is Sora. I'll try to describe myself the best I can in this blog post, and I hope I'll meet some great people on this site.

So, I'm obviously a pegasister. My favorite races are Changelings and Bat Ponies. Who is the best pony to me? My favorite pony is probably Fluttershy, but my favorite character overall is Queen Chrysalis.

FANMADE Squishy Queen Chrysalis
My main pony OC is Sketchglide, since it would probably be a pegasus and like drawing since I draw myself. Though I haven't formulated much about this character.

My personality is rather odd- I don't have many emotions. Though I am very shy. So basically I'm a combination of Maud Pie and Fluttershy, if that works. 

I rate the main six in this order: #1 Fluttershy, #2 Rainbow Dash, #3 Rarity, #4 Twilight Sparkle, #5 Pinkie Pie, #6 Applejack. I don't know why, but I really don't like Applejack at all.

My OTP in the series is, don't judge, Appledash. I find this ship cute and I do not think it is canon, as some people do.

I occasionally read MLP Fanfictions, usually grim ones. My favorite is tied between the Cough and Rainbow Factory, both I would highly suggest. However, younger users should not read them do to gore and an extremely dark plot.

I'm an animal lover, my favorite being the wolf. 

I love anime and vocaloids, as well as other Japanese things. My favorite song comes from vocaloids, which is The Immoral Memory, the Lost Memory.

My favorite book series is Warriors, though I do like Lord of the Rings too.

I like roleplaying, it's one of my favorite pass times. Villain characters are always fun to play as, my liking to playing as them coming from the quote, "A hero is just a hero, but everyone loves a good villain."

Whenever I get into a fandom, I always memorize names after a few episodes. For MLP, this includes irrelevant characters and a few comic ones. So if you ever want to talk about a character with me, I'll probably know who it is.

I realy hope this wasn't too boring to read, please leave not horrible comments in the section below. Thank you for taking the time to read this, either that or you just skipped it and cane down here. Either way, I still appreciate you for clicking this.