• MovieReviews98

    Hello, fellow Pony fans. First of all, if you don't know me, you have a reason. I don't edit on this wiki much. However, the show itself is pretty awesome. However, I know what you are thinking: "There are more than 7 characters, get 3 more!" But, in my opinion, there's only 7 true characters that not only show up a lot, but that I know and love as well. This includes the mane 6, and another character, can you guess who it is? Well, let's begin!:

    7. Rarity

    Now, I don't hate Rarity, she's not even that bad, she has her awesome moments, her great lines, and when she has episodes dedicated to her, they're often pretty good. It's just... She's the pony I want to be friends with the least. She can be annoying at times, and some of her scenes are …

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