Hello, fellow Pony fans. First of all, if you don't know me, you have a reason. I don't edit on this wiki much. However, the show itself is pretty awesome. However, I know what you are thinking: "There are more than 7 characters, get 3 more!" But, in my opinion, there's only 7 true characters that not only show up a lot, but that I know and love as well. This includes the mane 6, and another character, can you guess who it is? Well, let's begin!:

7. Rarity

Now, I don't hate Rarity, she's not even that bad, she has her awesome moments, her great lines, and when she has episodes dedicated to her, they're often pretty good. It's just... She's the pony I want to be friends with the least. She can be annoying at times, and some of her scenes are pretty cringe-worthy (I'm not an ultimate Brony, I believe the show has flaws, but I still love it).

6. Rainbow Dash

I know, everyone loves Rainbow Dash, and... I do too. She's funny, likable, and all around cool character. She does have her rude moments that take you out of her likability, but besides that, I gotta say, compared to Rarity, Rainbow is... 20% cooler!... Ah? AH?... Darn it, I'm not funny.

5. Twilight Sparkle

Twilight is an awesome character, she's smart, a book worm, but easy with making friends, she's basically a role-model to shy girls... And shy ponies. So, why isn't she higher on the list? Well, sometimes the writers tend to forget that Twilight is "Smart" or "Logical", which can get irritating at times, but even still, she's a great character, and probably my favorite singing voice out of all the ponies. And that's saying a lot, especially comparing her to number 4...

4. Pinkie Pie

Oh Pinkie Pie. Your constant parties and cartoon abilities never cease to make me chuckle. Sure, you do get a little annoying at times, and other times, you're clueless for no reason, but I don't care, as long as you invite me to your next part- *Gilda the Griffon*... Never mind. O__o

3. Fluttershy

Fluttershy is like the pony version of Winnie the Pooh, except with one flaw that kinda annoys me, but we'll get to that later. Fluttershy is probably the kindest of the ponies, and most of us have the deepest connection to her. When she laughs, we laugh. When she cries, we cry. HOWEVER, one thing about her kind of annoys me... When she flips out. How many times did Fluttershy get angry in the series? I can handle it once for the sake of the plot, and another time for comedy, but she's gotten angry more times than those two, and I never understood that. She's the element of KINDNESS, not built up hate. Have you ever seen Winnie the Pooh hold an animal in his mouth by the skin? I don't think so. Oh well, we still love Fluttershy either way.

2. Applejack

Let me get this straight: This list is MY opinion. So, why would I put Applejack at number 2? I feel as if she's the most welcoming character, as in if you're her friend, she'll treat you with dignity and respect (Except when the plot forces her not too), but if you're not her friend, never try to fight with her... She's good at those. I feel for the creator's attempt at making a southern american character, they did a really good job with it. I know not a lot of people love Applejack, but I do. So, Applejack is at number 2.

1. Spike

Spike is just awesome. I can't really explain WHY he's awesome, he's just... Awesome. I guess the perfect way to show my feelings towards Spike is the last few minutes of "Owl's Well That Ends Well", which is an excellent episode, by the way. Not only does this show the awesome-ness of Spike, but probably the best relationship in the entire series, between Spike and Twilight. The two aren't related, but they act like siblings. They fight, they have their differences, but they're still family. While Spike has his annoying moments at times, you can bring back the argument that he's just a kid, he makes mistakes, and he learns from them. And, that is why I love Spike. He's funny, arrogant, charming, and best of all, he's like a real kid.

So... Yeah. That's my list. Umm... Since I only included seven, here are a few I really like, but left off the list because they weren't all that popular:

Derpy (Does anyone remember Derpy, or are we over that?... Cause I'll never be over it)

Big McIntosh (Besides that "Hearts and Hooves Day" episode... *Shudders*)

Tank (Only 86 comments? Gosh...)

Owlowiscious (I told you I liked "Owl's Well that Ends Well"!)

Princess Celestia (She's cool, but I'd like to see her take down a villain in Season 3!)

Princess Luna (Not a fan of Nightmare Moon, though)

Discord (He's just... Awesome)

I shall return in several hours to view the hateful comments about my controversial picks (Maybe 1 or 2 nice ones in there, maybe? :3), but until then, MovieReviews98 AWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!