I had an idea for one of the future seasons or a possible movie (it probably won't be the 3rd season, as it's more than likely in the final stages of development): A human arrives in Equestria.

They can either come by:

1. Intervention from a pony (Magical summoning, going to human world and collecting a human).

2. A spell error.

3. A gateway on Earth.

4. Another continent in the pony world outside of Equestria.

5. Other.

The character could be:

1. A teenage to 20-something woman (a strong, older role model for the kids to look up to).

2. A teenage to 20-something man (a man thrown in the mix would definitely set a refreshing contrast with a dominantly female cast).

3. A young girl around 5 - 10 (a child can learn through the eyes of someone their age).

I don't see a boy around 5 - 8 getting along well with any of the characters.

This human will:

1. Be a test subject in teaching a human the magic of friendship.

2. Fulfill an ancient prophecy.

3. Aid in the defeat of a villain(s).

I would love to see what you think of this idea and would also encourage you to present ideas for what you think should happen. My idea goes like this:

Either a villain from the G1 series or a collection of G4 villains from FIM's entire running time would attack Equestria, the villain(s)' strength proving too much for even the elements of harmony to quell. Celestia then summons a human from another world (Earth) to aid the ponies. The human will eventually gain the ponies trust and they band together to stop the threat.

Again, I'd love to know what you all think.