• MrGeorgeWood

    MLP Episode Ranking

    August 7, 2015 by MrGeorgeWood

    Every Episode of MLP Graded:

    1. Friendship is Magic: B+
    2. The Ticket Master: A
    3. Applebuck Season: A-
    4. Griffon the Brush-Off: B+
    5. Boast Busters: C
    6. Dragonshy: A
    7. Look Before You Sleep: A-
    8. Bridle Gossip: C+
    9. Swarm of the Century: B+
    10. Winter Wrap Up: A
    11. Call of the Cutie: A-
    12. Fall Weather Friends: A-
    13. Suited for Success: A
    14. Feeling Pinkie Keen: C
    15. Sonic Rainboom: A-
    16. Stare Master: B
    17. The Show Stoppers: C-
    18. A Dog and Pony Show: A
    19. Green Isn't Your Color: A+
    20. Over a Barrel: B+
    21. A Bird in the Hoof: C+
    22. The Cutie Mark Chronicles: A+
    23. Owl's Well That Ends Well: C-
    24. Party of One: A+
    25. The Best Night Ever: A+

    Season Grade: A-

    Top 5: "Winter Wrap Up", "Green Isn't Your Color", "The Cutie Mark Chronicles", "Party of One", "The Best Night Ever"

    1. The Return of Harmony: A-
    2. Lesson Zero: A
    3. Luna Eclipsed: B
    4. Sisterhooves Social: A+
    5. The Cutie Pox: …

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