Twilight's Kingdom final group shot S4E26

Every Episode of MLP Graded:

 Season One

  1. Friendship is Magic: B+
  2. The Ticket Master: A
  3. Applebuck Season: A-
  4. Griffon the Brush-Off: B+
  5. Boast Busters: D+
  6. Dragonshy: A+
  7. Look Before You Sleep: A-
  8. Bridle Gossip: D
  9. Swarm of the Century: B+
  10. Winter Wrap Up: A
  11. Call of the Cutie: A-
  12. Fall Weather Friends: A-
  13. Suited for Success: A+
  14. Feeling Pinkie Keen: C
  15. Sonic Rainboom: A-
  16. Stare Master: B
  17. The Show Stoppers: C-
  18. A Dog and Pony Show: A
  19. Green Isn't Your Color: A+
  20. Over a Barrel: B+
  21. A Bird in the Hoof: C+
  22. The Cutie Mark Chronicles: A+
  23. Owl's Well That Ends Well: C-
  24. Party of One: A+
  25. The Best Night Ever: A+

Season Two

  1. The Return of Harmony: A
  2. Lesson Zero: A+
  3. Luna Eclipsed: B
  4. Sisterhooves Social: A+
  5. The Cutie Pox: D+
  6. May the Best Pet Win!: C
  7. The Mysterious Mare Do Well: D-
  8. Sweet and Elite: A+
  9. Secret of My Excess: A
  10. Hearth's Warming Eve: A
  11. Family Appreciation Day: B
  12. Baby Cakes: D
  13. The Last Roundup: C-
  14. The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000: C-
  15. Read It and Weep: C+
  16. Hearts and Hooves Day: B+
  17. A Friend in Deed: A-
  18. Putting Your Hoof Down: A
  19. It's About Time: C-
  20. Dragon Quest: A
  21. Hurricane Fluttershy: B-
  22. Ponyville Confidential: D+
  23. MMMystery on the Friendship Express: C-
  24. A Canterlot Wedding: B-

Season Three

  1. The Crystal Empire: D+
  2. Too Many Pinkie Pies: D+
  3. One Bad Apple: D+
  4. Magic Duel: D
  5. Sleepless in Ponyville: A-
  6. Wonderbolts Academy: B
  7. Apple Family Reunion: B
  8. Spike at Your Service: D
  9. Keep Calm and Flutter On: C-
  10. Just for Sidekicks: D+
  11. Games Ponies Play: C-
  12. Magical Mystery Cure: D

Season Four

  1. Princess Twilight Sparkle: C-
  2. Castle Mane-ia: B
  3. Daring Don't: D+
  4. Flight to the Finish: B+
  5. Power Ponies: D
  6. Bats!: C+
  7. Rarity Takes Manehattan: A+
  8. Pinkie Apple Pie: C-
  9. Rainbow Falls: B
  10. Three's a Crowd: D+
  11. Pinkie Pride: A
  12. Simple Ways: A-
  13. Filli Vanilli: B+
  14. Twilight Time: A
  15. It Ain't Easy Being Breezies: D
  16. Somepony to Watch Over Me: B-
  17. Maud Pie: C
  18. For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils: C-
  19. Leap of Faith: C
  20. Testing Testing 1,2,3: D
  21. Trade Ya!: A
  22. Inspiration Manifestation: B+
  23. Equestria Games: B+
  24. Twilight's Kingdom: A+

Season Five

  1. The Cutie Map: A+
  2. Castle Sweet Castle: B-
  3. Bloom & Gloom: C+
  4. Tanks for the Memories: D
  5. Appleoosa's Most Wanted: B
  6. Make New Friends but Keep Discord: C
  7. The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone: B+
  8. Slice of Life: F
  9. Princess Spike: B+
  10. Party Pooped: D+
  11. Amending Fences: A+
  12. Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?: C-
  13. Canterlot Boutiuqe: C+
  14. Rarity Investigates: A-
  15. Made in Manehattan: C
  16. Brotherhooves Social: A

Season Ranking: 1>2>4&5(so far)>>>3

Feel free to criticize/agree with this list as much as you wish!