Hey there everyone! Recently you may have saw me complaining about how the show hasn't changed or it's the same thing every season or that the wiki has changed from it's golden age. While I do miss the old users particularly the inactive admins here, I can't control or predict when they'll come back, they were mainly the reason why I continued following the show because of how awesome they were and when they became inactive I started becoming upset about how the only thing discussed on the wiki is the show itself. That was mainly the reason for my behavior in recent weeks and I will admit I was planning on leaving the wiki at some point.

Lately, I started following the show again after meeting a few newer users in the wiki who I won't name and basically most of my dislike of the show has disappeared. Had it not been for them, I probably would not watch another episode of MLP and at least now I have some people to talk to here until (hopefully) some of my old friends return here probably during the Summer.