After reading and participating in the blog The Alphabet Game, I had an interest in what was written in that blog and later suggested that some user might write a story about what was written in the blog. With no luck, I decided to write the story myself. And keep in mind that I am not competing with UP's story, as I am not as skillful as writing as him and my story is just for fun and entertainment purposes only. It is also not in the same category as his story as all of the characters will most likely survive in my story. Also, I am not a very good writer so please go easy on the comments, Thanks!

Characters in the chapter: Amelia the Writer, Bluelighting, The Candlekeeper, PowerStar89, Seaswirl10

Chapter 1:

In the dark and foggy sky, we see that the moon is partially covered by the clouds and also that we see a forest with the wind blowing the breeze through the trees and there we see something red in the forest. The red thing happened to be a pony in the name of Candle, who was a red pegasus who also had patches of blue on him and also had brown hair.  Alongside him, we see two of his companions with him with one of them in the name of Sea, a mainly grey pegasus who also had black hair with a red tip and the other in the name of Power, who too was a pegasus but was a female who had a light blue coat and had silver and blue hair on her.

While in the forest, Candle suggested that we go to a place called Nashkel, which was a little town on the Sword Coast in Faerun that was pestered by kobold dog-men. Candle also mentioned that there was a iron mine and a carnival. The carnival excited Sea and suggested that he wanted to go as well and Power agreed. But Candle warned that there were exploding ogres in the town as well, which neither Power or Sea have saw before. Sea mentioned that there maybe some cotton candy in the carnival and true that he was, that there were cotton candy in the carnival. Candle asked if any of us had any local currency but Power thought that Candle had some since it was him that brought them there, unfortunately Candle didn't bring any and later suggested if any of us had something to trade to the vendors. He first asked Sea with no luck then he asked Power and she said that she might have some vegetables that she brought with her as a snack but she doubts that the vendors would eat the vegetables though.

While that was all happening, a pale pegasus with blue eyes and brown hair came to the three of them, Candle knew who she was and asked "Zowee, you got anything, Amelia?". Amelia then responded that she had nothing. With no-one having anything to trade to the merchants. Candle then suggested that we go find a merchant and that all these circus tents look the same to him, then he found a tent with a bunch of selves inside, which in his case, probably means either a merchant or some mage. Amelia questioned whether to go inside but later decided to go with the others.

Candle then had a bad feeling about the tent thinking that the mage could be evil and Power said that the tent they were in looks rather odd, with Candle saying "Nyeh, I don't think most tents glow on the inside." Amelia looked around and told them that the tent didn't looked that odd and then Power later said to the group "Oh, perfect! These objects don't look all that dangerous... and is that cotton candy I see?" Amelia then responded "Perfect!! It is cotton candy!" Candle then later said "Perfect! Let's just do the ol' switcheroo with your veggies and the cotton candy...", then just before Candle could finish, Sea interrupted, saying "Seriously, the cotton candy is mine!" with Amelia later argued "Too bad!" and grabs the cotton candy off Sea, which caused Sea to start chasing Amelia around the carnival. Power then tried to stop Amelia and Sea saying "Uh... wait! Don't we have to tell the merchant that we're switching the foods?"

Sea kept chasing Amelia until he saw a beautiful blue unicorn who looked similar to Power but had a horn instead of wings, had blue eyes and had pink streaks on her hair instead of silver like Power's. She came to the same merchant that the group came for the cotton candy and asked for ice cream. And because that she was so beautiful and cool looking, Sea couldn't stop looking at her and decided to stop chasing Amelia. Sea came up to her and told her who he was and asked for her name, she replied to Sea that her name was Blue. Amelia suggested that we should tell the merchant, with Power agreeing with her but did say that the merchant may not be back yet. 

After a while of talking to each other, Sea asked if Blue wanted to join the group with Blue agreeing to this and this made Sea very happy. Sea then thought that he saw the merchant going that way, with Blue saying that we should go track him and asked the group "Shall we follow them into the forest?" Power questioned that, saying "Hmm... that forest looks kinda dangerous... it's up to you guys, though."