This is a chapter following from Chapter 1, which you can read here: Chapter 1 and is based from the blog game The Alphabet Game. Hope you enjoy the story!

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Characters in the chapter: Amelia the Writer, Bluelighting, CallofDuty4, The Candlekeeper, PowerStar89, Seaswirl10

Chapter 2:

After much discussion with the group, Blue suggested that we follow the merchant and the rest of the group agreed. Blue managed to find some footprints which seems to look like shoes, which Sea saying "Let's track it down, then!" but then he noticed Candle was missing and mentioned "Where is Candle?" Power followed up with that, saying "Man, I wish Candle was still here... he'd probably know what to do. But I guess we can follow the footprints anyway."

After following the footprints, the group saw an old bridge which didn't seem strong enough to carry ponies. Blue thought that the bridge looked safe, but the group took no chances and ran as quick as they could, despite the fact all bar Blue were Pegasi. All 4 of them made it to the other side before the bridge collapsed soon after. Sea said after that, "To be honest, I never thought we would make it to the other side."

Then all of a sudden, bats came toward the group and attacked them which happened to be Vampire Fruit Bats. "Vampire Fruit bats! We must avoid them!" Sea said while he was trying to avoid the bats, while Blue responded, "What?! I thought they didn't attack ponies!" with Sea then saying , "Except that they have fangs, you didn't carry apples didn't you?" "You think I brought apples. Of course I didn't." Blue replied nervously. Then a mysterious voice was heard by the group saying to them, "Yes, I didn't carry apples." The group looked around until they saw a dark green unicorn who he then introduced himself as Cod.

"That's great, Cod is here to help us!" Sea said excitedly. "Absolutely. What do you need help with?" Cod responded. "Well, Blue, Power, Amelia and me need help looking for a merchant and we lost Candle as well!" Sea then said to Cod, which was then followed by Power, "Cod, it's so great to see you! Have you seen the merchant?" Cod then questioned, "Cool. What kind of merchant?" Unfortunately, none of the 4 remembered what the merchant looked like, with Sea saying, "Don't remember what he looked like, anyone?" Power later responded to Cod saying, "Eh, all I know is that he had a tent back at the carnival, and he was selling cotton candy, which we took in exchange for vegetables."

Blue followed that up saying that fancy cotton candy to be exact, then later saying that she had to leave the group and return to the carnival. Those words that Blue said saddened Sea because he had an interest in Blue and really liked her. Blue then made Sea better by giving him a big hug and a boop on his nose, which Sea later booped her nose. Blue later ran back to where we came from, despite the fact that the bridge was already gone from before.

Cod said to the remaining members of the group saying, "Go a mile up the road and then turn right. His house is on that path." "Hooray, now we know where to go! Thanks Cod!" Power replied to Cod excitedly. Cod then mysteriously disappeared through the air as the group tried to look for him with no success. Then all of an sudden, a familar pony was in their sights. It was Candle and he was okay, which relieved the group. Power said to Candle "I guess we'll just go a mile up the road and turn right." and then said to everyone else, "Is anyone coming with me?" Candle sort of disagreed with Power saying "Nyeh, things are getting mixed. But, in my experience, if somebody lives in the woods in Faerun, he's either a homicidal mage, somebody who's secretly a demon or something, a goblinkin, or a ranger."

Later, Sea was tired from that time at the carnival meeting Blue, then travelling to the woods with the group and later suggested that we go to bed. The rest of the group agreed and decided to set camp in the woods hoping to continue their journey tomorrow morning without incident.