This is a chapter written by me and is based from the blog game The Alphabet Game. Hope you enjoy the story!

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Characters in the chapter: Amelia the Writer, The Candlekeeper, PowerStar89, Seaswirl10

Chapter 3

The next morning, the group woke up from their sleep and continued on their trip, however during the trip, they've noticed that Sea wasn't saying anything after Blue left the group. They found out that Sea couldn't sleep during the night and needed something to drink. He found a lake with what looked like to have magical water and Sea happened to drink from it. Unfortunately, the water caused him to lose his voice temporarily.

During the journey, Candle said to the group, "Tch, it was so cool when there was the big party together... Anyways, to the house, eh?" with Amelia then responding, "Uh Candle, you still are quite the stalker. Anyway, sure why not?" Candle then said, "Vut, sowwy about that, I mean not to be creepy or anything. Adventure-wise, we should take stock of what we have before we go further. The clothes off our backs, some cotton candy, and a dagger I... shop-liberated while you were crossing a bridge, anything else?"

"Woah! A dagger? Also, Seaswirl already ate all the cotton candy." Power replied to Candle. "Xing, a dagger, good for protecting yourself, gotta be careful with kobolds and tasloi walking about... So, clothes and a dagger, not exactly a well-equipped party..." Candle responded back, with Power later replied, "Yeah, I suppose you're right. Do you guys think we should just turn around and go home?" Candle then asked, "Zah, or at least back to the carnival, why were we going to his house anyways?" Power told Candle that it was because we wanted to tell the merchant that we switched my vegetables for his cotton candy.

"But I'm sure he wouldn't mind...right?" Amelia replied. Candle suggested that we leave a note but then he thought that we didn't bring any paper with them. Luckily for him, Amelia had some in her bag. Candle asked what else was in the bag, with Amelia then replying that she had a quill for writing down and that other stuff is classified. Power then asked if Amelia had any ink, with Amelia then saying that she had ink but only enough to write one note. "Just fine, that is. I don't think we have to say much." Power said.

Amelia then got the paper and quill out of her bag and begins writing on the note. She notices that the ink was really watery and she doesn't think that anyone could read it. Candle suggested that they should try thickening the quill with ash, which by then, it's a bit grainy writing now, but still serviceable. He then asked "So, what shall we do now?" Neither Amelia or Power had any idea so they asked Candle instead. "So, what else is popular around here, huh?"

"There's the Nashkel Mines, but that's the wrong kind of popular - it's infested with some demon dogmen. Similarly, there's a gnoll stronghold to the southeast, if you're interested in getting your head on a pike. On a cheerier note, in Nashkel proper, there's a little tavern, nice place. To the north is Beregost- nice place, temple, a few inns, a tavern or two, a blacksmith... To the farther north is the Friendly Arm Inn - we haven't the coin for a room, though... Farthest north is the notorious, giant Baldur's Gate, nine times as big as Beregost!"

Both Power and Amelia were fascinated by what Candle said and told him to lead the group.