This is a chapter written by me and is based from the blog game The Alphabet Game. Hope you enjoy the story!

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Characters in the chapter: Amelia the Writer, The Candlekeeper, PowerStar89, Seaswirl10

Chapter 4

After hearing what Candle said, the group later heard from Candle that they needed plate mail, swords, bows and Candle asked if any of them happen to have plate mail lying around. Neither of them had any plate mail on them, although Amelia said that she have a dagger with her and so did Candle. Both Power and Sea were defendless however. Candle then gave Power his dagger and that it was more important for her to stay safe than him, as he knew these lands better and maybe they should go look for some cliché rat-killing job. "Dat might work out! Sure, but you're doing the rat killing." Amelia said to Candle. Power declined Candle's dagger, saying that she's more of the "hide in the bushes" type than the "approach from head on and attack" type.

"Fine, just make sure there's no kobold in the bush, literally and figuratively. Tavern's probably the best place to go for a rat-killing job, those places are usually infested." Candle then later said. "Gosh, Maybe I'll stick to doing something else in the tavern. If there's one thing I hate, it's rats!" Amelia responded with Candle replied, "Heh, understandable. Hope you have a penchant for ale and mead, cuz this is a tavern Faerun-style!" "I--.... On second thought, killing rats sounds like fun!" Amelia said. "I guess I could help out a bit, rats are kinda small." Power later said. The group including Sea who was still unable to speak were chasing and killing rats for the next few hours until all the rats were gone from the tavern.

"Nyeh, I hope we get good pay... the tavern's owner looks well enough off, so he probably won't mind paying a nice amount for this job. On a more important note, daggers are useful against rats! Now you want mine, Power?" Candle said after killing some of the rats. Amelia warned Candle about that after the tavern owner just fired one guy then. Power then happened to find Amelia's dagger in which Amelia was looking all over for it and was using one of the kitchen knives instead. "Where's my cutting knife?" a voice was heard from the group, Amelia was really nervous then. "So... how about if you return it when he's not looking?" Power said to Amelia. Amelia thought it might work but feels bad for whoever eats the meat that was cut with that knife. Power was hoping that the knife was cleaned before it was used. Candle suggested that she used a professional thief tip here, by making it look innocuous, like placing it on the kitchen floor; trying to slip it onto the counter just adds paranoia. Amelia was able to use Candle's idea without being caught.

Candle saw around the tavern and managed to find no rats around and decided to ask the tavern owner about their reward. He only managed to get 100 gold however. The owner might been loaded and desperate. The group headed outside the tavern and into town soon after.