This is a chapter written by me and is based from the blog game The Alphabet Game. Hope you enjoy the story!

Note: I will be continuing the story during the Summer break, so no need to wonder if the story would be continuing or not. (smile)

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Characters in the chapter: Amelia the Writer, The Candlekeeper, PowerStar89, Seaswirl10

Chapter 5

After heading out the tavern to head into town, the group checked around town to see what they can get with 100 gold. The group then headed into a weapons and armor shop where they find a lot of interesting things. Candle found that 90 gold can get them three sets of leather armour and longswords, but Amelia disagreed saying that she wanted a gun. Power agreed with Candle saying that "Candle can choose what I get - after all, he knows this place the best!"

"D'ah, a gun!? But this is all medieval with magic type of stuff, the closest thing to a gun would probably be some sort of uberexpensive Wand of Magic Missile. But yeah, leather armor looks, feels, and works good, and longswords are good." Candle then said. "Eh, fine I shall be disgusted once more Slaughtering creatures." Amelia finally agreed. Power then asked the shopkeeper for some leather armor. Amelia then looked around if there was a dressing room nearby. Candle then mentioned that he'll rent a room at the inn for us to rest the night at and to change into our equipment. He'll reccomend sleeping in your armor to get used to it, and to hold the sword while you're asleep. "Hmm, sounds like a plan!" Amelia replied.

Then all of a sudden, a familar voice was heard, "Missed anything out, did I missed anything?" It was Sea, he must have overcame his quietness from the magic water he drank from the lake back in the forest. "You missed the big combat, Swirlix. Anyways, pretty sweet leather armor, makes you feel 50% safer already. Longswords are pretty sweet too, and I got each of us a goodly inn room." Candle said to Sea. "Oh my, I missed the big combat?" Sea later said. "Perfect, a room at the inn! Also, when Candle says combat, he's talking about killing rats at the tavern - nothing too big." Power saying all that to Sea.

Candle mentioned that Leather armor is really good, cheap, flexible, good looking yet sturdy. "Anyways, where are we off to once we're geared up and rested?" he then said. Sea mentioned that the armor was very flexible but had no idea where the group was heading. Amelia was undecided about where the next stop will be. Candle suggested that we go to Baldur's Gate where it was a nice, big town but unsure about what to do when they get there. Power then suggested that we go to Europe and that she wanted to go to Europe. Amelia agreed but said that they needed more supplies, the group was unsure who Amelia was agreeing to and what she was talking about.

"Dah, well, I'll see if I can find a mage to make one of those fancy Spelljammer interworld teleportation portals. Magic stuff, that." Candle said to the group. Amelia then later disagreed with Power saying that Europe is quite far away and that they might as well get started on their search. "Fair enough, I hope we have enough money though." Power finally agreed. Candle then said that the group only had one gold left from buying all the equipment and the rooms. Amelia then told the group that we had to find another way to earn money. "Hmm... maybe we should just go to Baldur's Gate, seeing as we have equipment and rooms... I don't want to be wasteful." Power answered with Amelia then responding "I think you're right. Lets go."