This is a chapter written by me and is based from the blog game The Alphabet Game. Hope you enjoy the story!

Note: Due to the amount of pages in the game, I've decided to do two chapters a week to speed things up. I'll most likely do one on Tuesdays and Fridays unless something happens. Also, my character is in the chapter but has no involvement in the chapter.

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Chapter 6

"I think that's a solid idea, just watch out- there's often hobgoblin bandits on the roads. Big, bulky beings, a half foot higher than a man and a good deal bulkier. The western forests are safer than the roads at this time; the main threat is gibberlings, sickly beings who threaten the lives of normal people, but are no match to a trio with armor." Candle warned to everyone.

That gave Amelia the willies, and she also asked if they have their daggers and longswords. Power said that they'll take the western forests then. Candle replied that they had their longswords unless theirs were stolen. Amelia was just checking if everyone had their weapons. "Okay... now I must admit, I don't have much experience with swords." Power said before slashing her sword around and almost hitting everyone. "Power, you can learn as we go, but don't kill us while you're at it!" Amelia mentioned to Power. Candle joked that what Power did nearly made him "One-handed Candle" there, but did say that gibberlings shouldn't need too much accuracy, though, think of them as big, humanoid, unfurry rats that want your flesh.

Candle then asked "So, the Nashkel-Beregost road is confirmed by merchants to be safe, so we'll travel north along there. We'll then go northwest, into the forest, until we encounter the Candlekeep-Friendly Arm Inn road. Then we go northeast through Cloakwood and should be at Baldur's Gate by nightfall. Any questions?" Power thought it was a great plan and also thanked him for explaining the rat things. Candle then added that they're blue, have long, filthy claws, and have unearthly screams that can send chills down many an adventurer's bone. "Very nice to know Candle, thanks for creeping us out!" Amelia responded.

Power thought that they should've gone to Europe after all, but it too late now. "Xvarts would normally be a problem- they're lean, mean little goblinkin- but fortunately they're mostly in the more southern areas. We may meet one or two, though, so maybe you should practice the sword on some tree trunks as we travel..." Candle continued from before. Power thought that he was right and that she hoped that she wouldn't have to use her sword much, Amelia then agreed with her.

"Zip across the road to Beregost we shall do. Not much to do with only one coin in Beregost, sadly, and it's only enough for one one-bed room, so stopping at Beregost isn't an option." Candle then added. Power thought that this town looked safe as there were no gibberlings to be seen yet. Candle then warned that there could be some as we go through the forest soon and that the group shouldn't let your guard down.

"But we still don't know what to do about a stay...hmm, how about we see if there's a barn around here?" Amelia questioned but then added that she'll keep an eye out for creatures. "Definitely, though don't be surprised if a town guard wakes you up if the barn's in city limits. On the other hand, I don't think the local temple is within city limits..." Candle replied to Amelia. Power was also unsure and decided to let Amelia and Candle decide what they wanted to do and that she wouldn't mind staying here for a bit.

"Finer lodgings are unavailable to us since we only have a single gold, so I guess we could maybe sleep in the temple?" Candle joked. The group then decided to go sleep at the temple for the night, hoping to continue their journey the next day.