This is a chapter written by me and is based from the blog game The Alphabet Game. Hope you enjoy the story!

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Characters in the chapter: Amelia the Writer, The Candlekeeper, PowerStar89, Spike the Dragon

Chapter 7

The next morning, the group woke up in the temple, well all but one. Power knew that they'll be heading into the forests today, but before she could do that, she needed to wake Candle up. Amelia thought that Candle was up and decided to check on him. Power confirmed to her that Candle is still sleeping and also asked if anyone had any food because she was hungry. Amelia responded saying that she carried apples with her and she handed one to Power. Power said that she liked apples sarcastically, but she'll eat anything because she was hungry. Amelia had these apples in her bag for a day or two. Power was glad that Amelia brought her bag along all this time and Amelia agreed, saving the last apple for Candle.

Power hoped Candle would wake up soon as they needed him as their guide through the forest. Amelia thought that maybe they can take a look around the area for food to have as they continue on their journey. Power thought that's another good idea and that if we take any wild plants though, they could be poisonous. "Well I think we should be alright, as long as we take a look at the plants before we pick them." Amelia responded. "Xtremely true, let's look at the plants." A voice was heard. It was a teal colored pony with light blue streaks for his mane and tail. He told the group minus Candle that his name was Spike.

Back in the temple, Candle woke up, noticing that the group was missing, saying to himself "Bweh... I'm awake... hey, where'd you tenderfeet go, the area near the temple has mighty ogres... and worse! Better go find you few before you meet with a bad end!" Power heard Candle's voice saying to him "Candle! Finally, you're awake. We haven't run into any ogres yet, so no need to worry." Candle then warned the group that the area near the temple isn't very safe since it's outside city limits and that they gotta be extra-careful. Amelia argued that she's pretty sure it shouldn't be too hard to go passed by. Candle told Amelia to be careful, and that to the north of the temple is a notorious bandit camp, she might rather err on the side of caution. "Good thing you warned me, I'll definitely be careful. Lets go" Amelia responded.

"High ho, then, are we going to forage or are we gonna continue the journey to Baldur's Gate?" Candle asked. "I think that's up to you, you're the expert here!" Amelia replied to Candle. "Jumping jimminies, when's the last time I ate!? I do think it'd be best we forage for a bit..." Candle asked the group when he was hungry. "Ok, but I have an apple if you want it? I thought I'd save it for ya." Amelia responded to Candle. Candle then thanked Amelia after eating that apple. Amelia then said no problem and that they should continue on with their journey.

"Okie, expect gibberlings soon as we go northwest, they're pretty thick there." Candle told to the group. The group then noticed that Power was missing and that they better go find her before they can continue. Candle hoped that she comes back soon, a party of two just isn't quite as good as one of three. Amelia then said, all for one, and one for all! Spike asked if he could join the group. Candle accepted Spike into the group though they haven't have any gold left to arm him.

"Well, I'm back from foraging, so let's head into the forest!" Power came back to reunite with the group. After a while, Amelia then found a herb, which she ended up putting in her mouth which would later make her fall down and lose consciousness, and the group would be forced to carry her though the forest.