This is a chapter written by me and is based from the blog game The Alphabet Game. Hope you enjoy the story!

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Characters in the chapter: Amelia the Writer, The Candlekeeper, PowerStar89, Seaswirl10, Bluelighting (mentioned)

Chapter 8

After having to carry the now unconscious Amelia through the forest, Candle just thought "But wait, how do we fight gibberlings, then...?" Sea, who didn't say anything for a while now, replied to him, "Don't know how to fight gibberlings, I think Bluebird knows how if she was here!" "Er, yeah, so this party is facing certain doom. The herb effects must also spread through the air, because it looks like Power is out, too. Can't carry two at once, so I guess I'll set up camp here until one wakes up." Candle said to the group. Sea heard that and thought camp sounds like fun.

"Gah! I'm up. Boy, was that herb strong!" Power somehow managed to regain consciousness from the herb that she ate. "Haha, yay! Though it's near nightfall, and I set up camp while you were out... and Awesome Mirthful Exciting Lovely Interesting Ally is still out... shall we trudge on or stay in the camp overnight?" Candle asked. Sea suggested that we stay in the camp for the night because he thought someone had to look after Amelia. Candle disagreed with Sea, saying though if we trudged on, we could carry her again. Power then agreed with Candle saying, "Actually, I think we should keep going on. We didn't do much today - just foraged for food." Sea later agreed with the two and decided to continue on with the journey.

"Mmkay, but there's one little... problem... the herb's effects seemed to spread through the air... I thought my constitution from adventuring protected me, but it's only... delayed it..." Candle thought. Power struggled to carry Amelia, thinking that she's pretty heavy and asked what was with all this armor. Sea later thought that they should hurry and ended up thinking that they were lost. Power suggested that Candle said we need to go northwest, so if my calculations are correct... it's this way! Then all of a sudden, she then found a gibberling and asked whether she should try to kill it. "That's a gibberling? You know I don't like seeing dead things!" Sea said to Power. "Uhh... is the gibberling dead? I'm a bit too far away to tell, but I don't want to go any closer." Power asked. Sea thought it was weird that he saw a gibberling and suggested that they leave it and move on.

"Well, just in case it's still alive, let's try to be really quiet, so it doesn't hear us." Power replied to Sea. Sea told the group to be quiet but then asked where was Candle's whereabouts? Power replied that Candle is sleep walking behind them. Sea tried to wake Candle up but Power had already done that earlier with no luck and she thought it might have been the herb that Amelia ate. Sea suggested to Power that they get to the destination first before trying to wake the two up. "Candle might wake up soon, but Amelia is still out cold - so I agree. Now... where were we supposed to go next? Friendly Arm Road? Let's keep a look out for signs and gibberlings." Power agreed. Sea then asked if she knew where that was.

"Ehh... not really. I'm just going off of what Candle said. I also think he mentioned an inn, that might be a safer place to stay than the forest." Power replied. Sea thought that maybe wasn't a good idea and suggested that they head to the inn and hopefully someone over there might help. "Gah... ah... finally, I'm... coming to... very dizzy... urgh, where are we right now, I'm facedown on the ground and too dizzy to get up..." Candle finally woke up asking Sea and Power. Sea told Candle that they were heading off to an inn to get someone to help Amelia. "I... think... good...that's... good... idea... Gellana Mirrorshade... former adventurer... she's a priestess and healer there... urgh..." Candle still trying to remember things.

Power was so happy that Candle was awake and she helps try to get Candle up. Sea told the group that there's only a few miles left and hoped that nothing bad will happen. And all of a sudden, a gibberling shows up right near the group and this one was alive. With Amelia and Candle too weak to fight, it's up to Sea and Power to defeat the gibberling. "Longswords... bring out... attack the... gibberling... I'm too fatigued... to help... swirlix, take mine..." Candle tried to talk. "My, this gibberling looks tough! " Power said as she tries to hit the gibberling with her sword. "Nyeh.. hit it with... the edge... not the flat..." Candle told Power. "Oh, right! That makes more sense." Power said before she gives the gibberling a good whack and then later on saying, "Yay, I think he's stunned!"

"Phew...that was...close" Amelia finally became conscious again which relieved the group. "Quite! I'm still a bit shaken up... but no time to rest now! We need to get to that healer at the inn - you still look a bit pale in the face, Amelia." Power said to Amelia. "Right...I'll be ok..." Amelia replied. "Surely... er... how will... lodgings work... with only coin for one room?" Candle asked the group. Sea was unsure what lodgings were. Power told to Sea that lodgings were rooms at the inn and then later asking "Speaking of lodgings, we're going to need more money if we want to stay at the inn! Does anyone have something we could possibly trade?"

"Very much so...I have a necklace you could probably trade in... It's in my bag..." Amelia responded. "Wow, okay! Are you sure you're willing to give it up?" Power asked. "Of course...I still have my important necklace back home. Besides, we need something to trade in." Amelia told Power. "Yay! It shouldn't be too much longer until we get to the inn. I hope we won't run into any more gibberlings..." Power then said to the group. "Zzzs are really what we all need...I hope we're there...soon..." Amelia said almost sleepy. Sea told the group that they're almost there, then all of a sudden, another gibberling appeared.

"Bah! Is that another gibberling?! Or is that a regular rat?" Power thought. "Can't be another rat, that's Definitely a gibbering." Amelia told Power. Power told everyone that they'll have to fight this one off too, Amelia was still too weak to help though. Power said that she'll take care of this one and started slashing her sword to the gibberling. "Oops! Why do I always try to use the flat side?" Power thought to herself. Amelia said to Power that she was getting better at least and now we have to get to the inn before sundown. Power then finally defeated the gibberling and told the group to start heading to the inn, Amelia told everyone that the inn was still a mile away. "Know what? There's a possibility of more gibberlings - Candle did say the forest was thick with them after all. Still, hopefully we won't run into any more!" Power said to the group. Then she later looked around and found that Amelia was missing.

"NOOO--Help!" Amelia screamed as there was a roar heard from deeper in the forest. "Oh no! We're coming Amelia!" Power came fo r Amelia as she and the group ran deeper into the forest. But by then, Amelia was gone.