Hey everyone, as we go onto Thursday, it marks the one year anniversary of the famous blog Hurt and Heal which was created by The Candlekeeper on July 24 2013. The link to the blog is right here. I'm not going to bother to tell how the game works because I think most of you already know by now. In my opinion, this game changed the wiki completely in recent years by getting some of the users involved and no doubt a lot of friendships were made there.

It was a game which we either hurt one pony or heal the other or double hurt/heal one pony and that game bring me very good memories! (wow) Sadly, we never got to find out who was the last pony surviving because of reasons I won't mention here, but we did find out that Princess Celestia and the Solar Empire made it to the end (fail) and my beloved Luna and Lunar Republic didn't! (lunasad) The other surviving ones were Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Discord and Queen Chrysalis.

Pretty much the only mention of the H/H blog is UnknownProdigy's story in the wiki, which he continues to write today. (if I'm wrong and there are other material, please correct me.)

The game also bring me not very good memories where my laptop's charger broke and I was forced to use other sources to participate on the game once a day and continue on my consecutive day badge, and because of that, I couldn't participate on the blog actively or join any factions and by the time I got a new charger, the game was already over. (sad2) It also gave me memories of what happened in August last year.

Although, a earlier revival this year was unsuccessful, I do hope I can participate actively when it does get approved by admins. (salute)

Oh, by the way, an update on my "break", unfortunately it won't end anytime soon considering many of my friends here are also on break and it looks like they'll come back later in the Summer.

Princess Luna angry with glowing eyes S4E01

All hail Princess Luna!